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Comment Re: The Number of Words is Irrelevant (Score 1) 220

Ah, okay. Thanks for the followup. I really wasn't sure whether you were going that direction or not - at first read, I thought you had misunderstood.

I definitely don't understand the defamation exactly. It seems as if the penalty was excessive which might give him some recourse for damages of some sort, but that kind of reasoning could be applied to pretty much any discipline meted out at the High School level. Honestly, I personally hadn't heard about it until this article, so for me at least the Streisand effect seems to be coming into play.

Comment Re:The Number of Words is Irrelevant (Score 1) 220

Sagehorn is the one filing the defamation lawsuit. [Thought I'd translate the AC for you since they weren't using their words. I noticed they were speaking in their outside voice, too. I'm thinking they might need a snack and a nap.] If you were changing focus and saying there should be an additional lawsuit filed, one aimed in the opposite direction, that wasn't clear to me.

Comment Re:Headline is stupid (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Nonsense, it absolutely was a felony. If you don't understand why then please go away.

Nonsense, it absolutely wasn't a felony. If you don't understand why then please go away.

Cool. I'm going to have to remember that approach. This whole "debating" thing is way easier than I thought. I had assumed you had to support your statements with facts - reasoning - logic. When do we transition to the uh-huh/nun-uh phase?

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