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Getting More Women Coders Into Open Source 674

Nerval's Lobster writes: Diversity remains an issue in tech firms across the nation, with executives and project managers publicly upset over a lack of women in engineering and programming roles. While all that's happening on the corporate side, a handful of people and groups are trying to get more women involved in the open source community, like Women of OpenStack, Outreachy (which is geared toward people from underrepresented groups in free software), and others. How much effort should be expended to facilitate diversity among programmers? Can anything be done to shift the demographics, considering the issues that even large, coordinated companies have with altering the collective mix of their employees?

How Steve Jobs Outsmarted Carly Fiorina 326 writes: Carly Fiorina likes to boast about her friendship with Apple founder Steve Jobs but Fortune Magazine reports that it turns out Carly may have outfoxed of by Apple's late leader. In January 2004, Steve Jobs and Carly Fiorina cut a deal where HP could slap its name on Apple's wildly successful iPod and sell it through HP retail channels but HP still managed to botch things up. The MP3 player worked just like a regular iPod, but it had HP's logo on the back and in return HP agreed to continue pre-loading iTunes onto its PCs. According to Steven Levy soon after the deal with HP was inked, Apple upgraded the iPod, making HP's version outdated and because of Fiorina's deal HP was banned from selling its own music player until August 2006. "This was a highly strategic move to block HP/Compaq from installing Windows Media Store on their PCs," says one Apple source. "We wanted iTunes Music store to be a definitive winner. Steve only did this deal because of that."

In short, Fiorina's "good friend" Steve Jobs blithely mugged her and HP's shareholders. By getting Fiorina to adopt the iPod as HP's music player, Jobs had effectively gotten his software installed on millions of computers for free, stifled his main competitor, and gotten a company that prided itself on invention to declare that Apple was a superior inventor.

Comment Re:Downgrade? (Score 1) 88

Well, that bites. I wish I had some suggestion for you. Mine is working just fine after the update. Like I said, it was an existing connection - not one I tried to add after the update - but it would seem that it shouldn't work at all given your description.

Comment Re:Downgrade? (Score 1) 88

My only connection at home is a hidden SSID network and it's working fine. Are you saying you can't connect to unknown hiddens? If so, sounds like the XP version of WiFi. That would bite.

Killing WwF, opening each game, not touching any tiles, going back to the home screen, then reopening the game seems to help. But yeah, it locks really easily. I'm surprised they didn't have an update ready. Then again, the app has always been a POS - at least on iOS.

Comment In Other News (Score 1, Informative) 48

Xerox confirms that 2^36 ~= 68G.

So at any point in time, it has the potential to store one point of data from among 68 billion possible points of data. Because. You know. It's 36 bits. To me, that's completely different from being able to store 68 billion data points. I inferred "simultaneously" from that. If it's any consolation, TFA has the same wording as the summary.

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