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Comment Re: Patience, my pretty... (Score 1) 120

Yup, this sounds a bit like Y2K in retrospective. Was money wasted on it because it turned out to be a non-event, or was it a non-event because so much was spent on it?

Money was wasted on it because many parties insisted on waiting until the very last minute to do anything about it.

Comment Re: Patience, my pretty... (Score 1) 120

Wouldn't that make it that much harder to track down the source in the event of an outbreak? If, say, a janitor or janitrix at Acme Carwash and Research Centre is among the first people to succumb to the disease, that would be a fairly obvious clue. If he or she is inoculated, however, and merely acts as a spore carrier and infects a random stranger on the bus, the source will be that much harder to track.

Comment Is this really news? (Score 1) 231

Not intended as a jibe at the contributor of this article, of course, but rather a jibe at the world at large. When camera phones became common enough to get thrown away, I remember doing the exact same thing with dumpster-dived mobile phones. (I was a teenager at the time, with a customary deficiency of both moral scruples and better things to do.) Surely, anyone who has ever salvaged or otherwise second-handed any form of storage device already knows that people are notoriously bad at wiping. Now and again this resurfaces in the public eye in the form of a news article or similar. Despite this, it continues to be a problem. Why? Why aren't people learning? Why does this news topic refuse to age?

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