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Comment Re:Entitlement (Score 1) 325

You are nuts. Guess what, I can erase OS X off my new Mac's internal drive upon receiving it without ever booting it, and run it off a live CD as well. No company on the face of the planet that sells a computer with software preinstalled advertises the amount of free space available after all the preinstalls. Here in reality, the capacity of the device is advertised, regardless of how much of it is used by any preinstalled software. Not to mention capacity is still advertised in the archaic 1GB = 1 billion bytes method, not true GB's we all use and see on our devices.

Comment Re:Exactly why I stopped buying Apple (Score 0, Troll) 380

Hardware becomes obsolete, or at least too old to run current software. That's a fact of life, always has been. You logic is fatally flawed. Once your android phone is not able to be updated (hell it already may be) are you going to switch to something else? Once you Lenovo laptop is too old to run Windows are you going to switch to some other OS? Do you expect to pull an old 386 out of the basement and install Windows 8 on it? You're fucking stupid.

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