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Comment: Twisted Radio Waves (Score 3, Informative) 183

by komische_amerikaner (#26850443) Attached to: Twisted Radio Beams Could Untangle the Airwaves

AFAIK (yes, I did RTFA), this is tantamount to adding another method of data transmission using more of the envelope. You still have the frequency being used and still have a portion of the carrier plus sideband transmitted, no matter what type or method of transmission is used. This may be used to embed something similar to a sub-carrier, or a unique identifier. More directivity and narrower beamwidth during point-to-point transmissions will do wonders to keep the RF floor down.

Comment: E=MC^2 (Score 0) 432

by komische_amerikaner (#26667089) Attached to: Fusion-Fission System Burns Hot Radioactive Waste


If this reduces the waste to a stable (somewhat non-radioactive state) then I'm all for it. But where does the energy come from to convert this? Is this going to require as much energy to render the "sludge" safe enough to dispose of? Or is this another 'Flash in the Pan'? (Sorry, couldn't help myself).

Comment: Broadband Providers... (Score 0) 360

by komische_amerikaner (#26646155) Attached to: AT&T, Comcast To Join RIAA Team
OK, High ID and all, here I go (and pointing out the obvious). Both Comcast and AT&T have infrastructures that support broadband. Both have rather large bandwith capability. AT&T has the advantage here (as far as carriers go) in that they are also the providers of broadband capability to the number of small ISP's in your area. Joe's Internet Service has to connect to someone, no? Who do you think provides that connectivity? Joe's Wideband Cross-Country Internet Provider for Small ISP's? No, AT&T does. There are a (very) few others, but AT&T is one of the biggies. Comcast has another infrastructure (Entertainment Delivery) that is connected across the US of A. They deliver bits and bytes of digital and analog signals, to include VOIP. When you make that long-distance call (who owns the backbone?), you get almost instant connectivity without lag or latency (various times of the day/month notwithstanding). This sits real nice with their shareholders/stockholders who are going to profit from the agreements for delivery of on-demand and feature-length shows over broadband connections. In the end, it's all just business.

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