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User Journal

Journal: First Entry

Journal by kombipom

OK, didn't know /. had this until just now. Another thing to thank Charlie Stross ( for.

Off to Rottness tomorrow with chums and the wife. [I'm not going to use any real names in this blog for tinfoil hat privacy paranoia reasons]. Planning to do a bit of diving and a whole lot of relaxing. Going over in chums boat which will make the whole thing a bit cooler, nice to have your own dive-boat :-)

Not sure how I'll cope for a week without techo-access, I have to go back to dead tree books and human interaction for entertainment :-/

WeirdWorld - The UN have passed a resolution making Blasphemy illegal (I am not making this up, Google it). I guess I'm allow to be an atheist but if I talk about God not existing with anyone I'm an international criminal.

That's it for today. No idea if I'll keep this up, time will tell.

"Everyone's head is a cheap movie show." -- Jeff G. Bone