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Comment Re:Last Resort (Score 2) 396 396

I know it is a marking post, but it does include some examples of Mac malware:


– Websites that pose as legitimate-looking software vendor's sites, but whose downloads are really Mac malicious code.
– Malware disguised as pirated software available for download from P2P file-sharing networks.
– Sexy online video links that urge you to install a plug-in to view the content, but really infect your computer with a Mac Trojan horse.
– Popular Twitter accounts, such as that belonging to former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, who have tweeted out links to websites designed to infect Mac computers.

It doesn't prove it is common, but it does prove it is out there.

Submission + - HMRC Phish on government domain

kolicha writes: Paul Mutton from Netcraft reports that a Phish has been uploaded to a website with a .gov.uk domain. The Phish was hosted on the Sefton Council's Novel GroupWise 7.0 website and offered a tax refund of £344.79 if the victim submitted their card details. Netcraft has informed Sefton Council about this Phishing attack.


The Soutport Visitors website appears to follow this up mentioning Soutport residents have been alerted to the scam and quotes an email where the HMRC say there has been no breach of HMRC security.


Comment Re:Nokia Symbian, not Symbian on other devices? (Score 1) 64 64

Looking at mobile9.com for the Samsung G810 it links to the Symbian S60 3rd Edition Software category. Assuming they are correct, then it's possible they will work for your phone e.g. the nokia n76 is an S60 3rd Edition 240x320 device: http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/N76 so therefore the apps they have down for that phone could work on the Samsung G810. No promises though.

Submission + - Google's UK Street View goes Live->

kolicha writes: Google has launched the UK version of its Street View. It covers 25 UK cities and 22,369 miles of streets. The Netherlands version of the service was also launched on Thursday, bringing the number of countries covered to nine. In one UK location, hidden among the images, is the popular children's book character Wally- of striped-jumper Where's Wally? fame.
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Comment Re:Those that haven't already changed... (Score 1) 455 455

I agree. I think most people that read the article probably aren't using IE anyway. However, the BBC is advertising it quite a bit and as the BBC appeals to both technical and non-technical computer users it may make the non-technical users aware that other browsers exist, which may cause a few to investigate and switch.

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