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Comment: Re:For friends and family, I want to be there. (Score 2) 70

by kolbe (#48609255) Attached to: Webcast Funerals Growing More Popular

How is this any different than saying goodbye when they are alive?

My uncle recently passed from Parkinson's and he had his death on Skype...

Yes, that is correct, his last few hours on this earth were streamed over a Skype call. I thought it was a good way for family to say goodbye to him though and he said mumblingly that it felt like most of the family was there in his final hours, which was his final request. The Skype thing really helped get more people "there", particularly the ones unable to fly to him due to monetary or personal requirements.

Comment: Re:dropped that fool and the systemd it rode in on (Score 1) 106

by kolbe (#48564983) Attached to: Fedora 21 Released

Solaris = /export/home

To this day, I still use a dedicated /var, /var/www, /var/lib/mysql or /var/log filesystem (depending on application) as it helps ensure that the fs doesn't get overrun by logs/data. The whole idea of a "one size fits all" lvm configured rootfs makes me shudder in horror.

Comment: Re:dropped that fool and the systemd it rode in on (Score 1) 106

by kolbe (#48561319) Attached to: Fedora 21 Released

> "It's readily apparent you haven't even used Fedora in years."

Actually, I've been grumbling about it since Fedora 15, but I just never gave up grumbling about it because I am forced to use it for my work. I currently run F20 on a workstation for managing various systems both in the cloud and managed in a local series of VMWare clusters. I use Fedora because it helps me maintain a step ahead of the stuff coming "down the pipe" to Redhat.

> "but at least for enterprise distros like RHEL, standard syslogs are pretty much required"

Rsyslog is quite literally the ONLY reason several of my customers can even run RHEL7... It's amazing how many Developers/Engineers/Admins base their scripts, reports, monitoring and other functions off of log output.

In the end, I am just waiting for the market to "speak" as to whether they accept RHEL7... I am required to give it a year to know for sure. If I had my way though, I'd go back to Slackware or FreeBSD, but that's not my sole choice. As a closing, fvck deps... that is what I feel about anything from 0pointer.

Comment: Re:dropped that fool and the systemd it rode in on (Score 2) 106

by kolbe (#48561135) Attached to: Fedora 21 Released

> "While it's not impossible for journald'd logs to get corrupted, it's no more likely than most other files in the filesystem."

*cough* BULLSHIT! *cough*

- Laptop failure to resume from suspend = corrupted logs
- Power loss or hard off on systems = corrupted logs
- Too long a log retention = corrupted logs

From an amazon cloud server running RHEL7 last couple of weeks:
File corruption detected at /var/log/journal/2dd5724e1e1542fc9a4aa75nov26cc150/system@f0282a3cd24344648a0bbe3a801ead66-000000000001b5d4-0004cfd1dbb89d83.journal:191117416 (of 233118464, 82%).

journalctl absolutely needs to be improved to handle corrupt logs better... maybe something to repair them instead of switching to "clean" them?

Comment: More Dependencies! (Score 0) 106

by kolbe (#48561057) Attached to: Fedora 21 Released

Hurray! More 0pointer dependencies that need rpm -e --nodeps on!

If it weren't for stable RHEL6.X and XFCE, I'd have dumped Fedora back in version 15, but this latest version 21 (codename /dev/null ) is really making me contemplate it again.

Anyone got a suggestion for a distro without so much dep crap?

Comment: Re:Signs clear enough even for a layman (Score 1) 581

by kolbe (#48418375) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

It's my understanding that the app maintainers do not want to maintain both initd and systemd compatibility at the same time... Extra work for little reward.

I, like many other sysadmins out there who do some level of coding to maintain large swaths of servers dislike the change to systemd on the premise that this wasn't a "phased" implementation. The rebuttal on the systemd camp is that it cannot be phased in and too bad, so you have to rewrite a few scripts and make a "few" changes to your administration processes. They do not realize it is more than just a few changes for many though and I think that's where much of the anger lay boiling... lack of empathy on either side.

Comment: Re:Boycotting RHEL7's uselessd (Score 1) 469

by kolbe (#47966597) Attached to: Fork of Systemd Leads To Lightweight Uselessd

I am not a security adviser, so I cannot say for sure which ones they were referring to and the only info they gave me was a list of about 13 x US-CERN, NVD and Canonical advisories regarding the exploitation of systemd through various methods. These were not noted as "fixed" either and 4 are listed as "Medium".

Comment: Re:Boycotting RHEL7's uselessd (Score 1) 469

by kolbe (#47960537) Attached to: Fork of Systemd Leads To Lightweight Uselessd

We dropped $2.2M on 2 half populated IBM Power 7 780's (redundant VIOS with IBM's tailored 42U cabinets) in 2012 and are running approximately 239 AIX 6+ & 7.1 LPARs for many of our Financial and Business Continuity Applications. LPAR isn't quite as advanced as VMWare, but it is getting there (no more stupid 4 lines of lpar commands for simple resource management/adjustment). Compared to what we spent on the p5 series years ago, we paid 40% less for our Power 7's. Power system prices have come down A LOT over the last 3 years though and I would professionally recommend checking them out if you need some SystemV style stability.

Anyway, we WERE hoping to move away from AIX to RHEL so we did not need to have two separate UNIX SysAdmin groups, but RHEL7 kinda threw that out the window for us sadly. Personally, I am less bemoaning of systemd than I am over the plethora of other MANDATORY changes they decided to dump on the customer all at once. It affects me and my team directly whereas the systemd thing effects my vendors and their applications.

Comment: Re:Boycotting RHEL7's uselessd (Score 1) 469

by kolbe (#47959949) Attached to: Fork of Systemd Leads To Lightweight Uselessd

A lot of what I listed was directly from the RHEL Customer Portal article and it was intended to illustrate the number of changes, but none with any particular order of importance or grief.

For my team, the grievances begin with the slurry of ctl command changes like (but not limited to the following off the top of my head):

rhn_register > subscription-manager
system-config-* > gnome-control-center (Who installs gnome on a server?!?!)
chkconfig/service/runlevel/init/shutdown/halt/inittab > systemctl
system-config-date > timedatectl
vi /var/log/ journalctl
parted > gdisk
ifconfig/network/hosts/dns/eth > nmcli
netstat > ss

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