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Comment: Re:I'm so tired of this! (Score 1) 1033

by kokoloko (#16931622) Attached to: An Inconvenient Truth
In the first place, I don't think it's correct that consensus is inherently unscientific. Underlying scietific method is the premise that any rational individual can replicate the experiment, or examine the data, and come to the same conclusion. Consensus is the fall-out of a correct scientific claim.
Now, as you rightly point out, corruption can intefere with this process and needs to be watched for. But among the 3 you mention(Science, Media, and the Public), Science has the better track record. Throw in the Govt, Industry, and Religion, and they still come out on top, IMO. What incident of scientific corruption you put up against what we've seen from the other instiutions in just the last century?

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