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Comment Hmm (Score 1) 143

I'm curious about the point in which we have autonomous and "manned" cars on the road simultaneously.
What sort of response will the human make to machine organized traffic.
Road rage maybe? Or a more peaceful driving experience, until that is, autonomous is all there is.

Comment Too late (Score 1) 231

FB has too much going with verified identities, everything from proof they have a real consistent person for advertisers to verified log ins for things like Huffingtonpost.

My guess is at least one of FB's goals is to become the "single login" to the internet.

I know that part will be true of FB's internet connectivity services.

Comment Yeah... (Score 1) 447

This is what I thought would spring up around Google Glass which was one of the reasons I was against it.
But if this is true:

If you havenâ(TM)t registered for the site, and thus canâ(TM)t contest those negative ratings, your profile only shows positive reviews.

Then simply never register for the site, and frankly yet another reason to dump your Facebook account if you have one.

Comment Huh (Score 2) 288

First, if they are moving from 7 to 10 they are learning a new OS, and if they are on Win8 they have already been under the auto update yoke.

Second, they are more likely locked into a program rather than a OS, consider what it is they have to run on Windows, is there an equivalent in Linux?

If so, the "learn a new OS" complaint (while valid) isn't as hard as they might think these days, there is a sort of "start button" and there is a menu and it should not be that difficult.

The main thing I would stress, if they are on Win 7, is why update? Does it do what you want? Then leave it be and in time there will be a solution offered to make win10 more palatable for them.

Too many people got caught up in the "free upgrade" and I already hear complaints on the gaming servers, lots of regret there and very few "it's better stories".

The whole Win10 thing seems like MS making it easier for themselves while beating up and robbing their customers (of personal data).

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