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Comment: And when they move? (Score 1) 168

by koan (#49039475) Attached to: Aims To Keep the Airspace Above Your Home Drone-Free

The process seems simple enough. Users visit and enter their home address along with some basic information. This data is then processed by the database, which registers the address and its GPS coordinates. This information is then relayed to drone manufacturers to create a geofence around the home and render their products unable to fly over the property.

Fucking stupid on so many levels, but I have to say it never ceases to amaze me at the things humans will build, and then try to monetize.

Comment: Laugh again (Score 1) 189

by koan (#48778735) Attached to: EFF Takes On Online Harassment

We can and should stand up against harassment. Doing so is not censorship—it’s being part of the fight for an inclusive and speech-supporting Internet."

Bull shit, because who gets to define harassment? It's the beginning of the end of freespeech.

inclusive and speech-supporting Internet

?huh? Is that Newspeak?

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