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Comment Lets not forget (Score 2) 254

The other disturbing things about Amazon.
How when my dad buys something shipping is wayyyyyyyy overpriced but go to my account (one where I have cancelled orders because of overpriced shipping) and it's less than half the cost *same town*, or their bait and switch, or their sending an item entirely different from what was pictured.
Yeah I know there are resellers, but Amazon fronts them so they get the blame too.

Comment Pretty tough to have empathy (Score 1) 705

If you're committing suicide over this then you must not have thought through your actions when signing up.
Same with people about to lose everything financially, it's just that in todayâ(TM)s World, that people are still foolish enough to participate in this site, it's hard to have empathy/sympathy.

Comment Laugh (Score 5, Funny) 189

A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 mph. The rear differential locks up. The car crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.

Business woman on plane:
Are there a lot of these kinds of accidents?

You wouldn't believe.

Business woman on plane:
Which car company do you work for?

A major one.

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