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Comment The only thing that still baffles me (Score 1) 159

Is why anyone believes things like MS's browser not being "private" is a mistake, or Apples "goto" fail was a bug (some of many fails for both corps) or that there isn't an obvious collusion between the gov and the tech sector, and all the spying and dirty tricks you see are not "bugs" or "mistakes" they were planned all along.

Eisenhower warned us, we didn't listen, it came to be, now we are "proper fucked".

Comment Yep (Score 2) 247

Bought a dual NIC fanless MITXPC never looked back, I love the machine it's quiet reliable and small.
You can get them with more than 2 NIC's as well (I suggest you do for versatility reasons) there are a few builds you can run on these things PFSense, Smoothwall, etc.

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