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Comment Yeah... (Score 4, Insightful) 169

%40 I don't think so...

I guess I've read too many political articles and everything now smells like an ad, a conspiracy or outright propaganda.

"Carolyn Ockels: Carolyn is the Managing Partner at Emergent Research. Carolyn's current research and consulting is focused on economic decentralization"


Comment Laugh... (Score 2) 392

"the article also indicates that professional security agencies have seen sources they monitor shut down. "

And why would that be a problem? "Security agencies" don't seem to be aware, able, or willing to stop attacks.

France has now passed more laws using the Paris attack as an excuse, and they got it done quickly (like faster than the PATRIOT act).

Ponder that then read this.

And that's not the only example of FBI manufactured "terrorist".

Comment Laugh (Score 1) 312

""Those who think they can skirt the law will find themselves facing some of the toughest penalties for firearms offences in this country,""

Those that will don't really care, do the Australian "authorities" understand criminal behaviour?

Is it just me? Or is Australia going draconian faster than any other Western nation

Comment So here's the thing (Score 1) 195

With all the complaining about Spyware10 (Win10) we had folks shutting off as much as they could.
Because of the way it auto updates the home users, I wonder how many of the settings people switched off will stay off.

Every time I updated a Macbook it turned "location services" in "security & privacy" preference pane back on.

Is windows going to do this as well? Imagine auto updates resetting all those choices you made... to what M$ wants of course.

Comment No (Score 2) 486

"Snowden, who divulged classified information in 2013, is partly responsible for the terrorist attack in France last week"

The "news" media stated that the French authorities had been aware and watching some of the group that was responsible for the attack, so where does Snowden figure in on this?

No where.

The ex CIA director should have his mouth sewn shut as his "agency" is responsible for so much misery in the world.
And of course you may have noticed that none of these data collection programs have stopped a single attack.

Then there's the FBI still grooming US citizens with mental deficiencies into puppets to be framed for "terrorism".

The FBI, CIA and the NSA are the criminals here.

Comment *sigh* (Score 2) 167

Less than three days after the attacks in Paris, UK prime minister David Cameron has suggested that the process of review for the controversial Draft Investigatory Powers Bill should be accelerated. The controversial proposal, which would require British ISPs to retain a subset of a user's internet history for a year and in effect outlaw zero-knowledge encryption in the UK, was intended for parliamentary review and ratification by the end of 2016, but at the weekend ex-terrorist watchdog Lord Carlile was in the vanguard of demands to speed the bill into law by the end of this year, implicitly criticizing ex-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden for having 'shown terrorists ways to hide their electronic footprints'.

There is so much wrong with the above, it's really sad.
That these politicians can stay in power when they are so obviously sociopaths.

Not one of the so called "agencies" (NSA, GCHQ) caught this before it happened, or (and more in line with what I think) they let it happen.

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