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Comment: What did I miss? (Score 1) 60

But what might come as a surprise is that if you went up to the peak of the highest mountains, not only would the acceleration due to gravity be its lowest, but there'd also be less mass beneath your feet than at any other location.

Mass is the same regardless, weight changes, so how is the mass less on top of a mountain?

So what did I miss here?

An object on the Moon would weigh less than it would on Earth because of the lower gravity, but it would still have the same mass.

Comment: laugh (Score 2) 78

It's sad I have been offered this

two years of free credit monitoring and identity threat protection as compensation

6 times now, and from 6 different corps.

And this..

'sophisticated cyberattack'

is bullshit..

Turns out, the same bulk registrant in China that registered the phony Premera and Anthem domains in April 2014 also registered two Carefirst look-alike domains — careflrst[dot]com (the “i” replaced with an “L”) and caref1rst[dot]com (the “i” replaced with the number “1”).

Additionally, ThreatConnect has unearthed evidence showing the same tactics were used on (note the “L” replaced with a number “1”), a domain registered April 11, 2014 (the same day as the phony Carefirst domains). EmpireBlue BlueCross BlueShield was one of the organizations impacted by the Anthem breach.

Comment: Re:Remarkably Apple Watch-like for a reason (Score 1) 63

by koan (#49744215) Attached to: In 1984, Jobs and Wozniak Talk About Apple's Earliest Days

Actually it's because of AC's, though I like to leave my settings so that I can see AC's, sometimes they are the most insightful.

Not you though.

Yeah, the watch does suck, but we all knew that it was going to didn't we? Doesn't seem like anything Jobs would have let out.

Comment: Re:The Wild West of the internet (Score 1) 36

by koan (#49742319) Attached to: FBI: Social Media, Virtual Currency Fraud Becoming a Huge Problem

If you use your phone with Facebook, they know exactly who you are, as does any other site.

Because Facebook (and others) can instantly check that data attached to the phone, you may want to ponder why that is possible.
And then be sensible and "delete" your Facebook account.

Comment: Re:Laugh (Score 1) 85

So you think it's a good idea? This is what it sounds like to me, you will be of mining collective of which the lions share of Bitcoin will go to some corp, and the bit (no pun intended) you get will be used to pay your "micro transactions".

A snake eating its tail, and the monetization of simple things like browsing.

I can't imagine a bigger sucker deal.

It's not an optical illusion, it just looks like one. -- Phil White