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Comment Thank you geeks.com! (Score 2) 187

I should have placed another order last month. I need a few things.

I loved Geeks.com, for buying extra cables for internal builds, tiny mice for laptops, hard drive mounting brackets, and all these little things you need to keep in stock for builds. My current graphics card (GTX460 for $90) and laptop mouse came from geeks.com.

If the owners are reading this, thank you guys for the good service over the years. I've been recommending you since 1999.

If you start up a leaner or updated business model, send out an email to your former customers and let us know.

Comment These are INTERNSHIP visas (Score 1) 490

Most of the J-1 visas are for "International Practical Training" or International Summer Internship EXCHANGES through organizations like amscan.org, IAESTE, and AIESEC.

When a university hires a foreign student in this case, it is very likely that a student at the same U.S. university will get a summer job in an interesting country, like say, Germany or Japan.

Comment Supporting International Internship exchanges (Score 1) 490

The purpose of this document is to provide official support to student organizations that do International Summer Internship EXCHANGES like amscan.org, IAESTE, and AIESEC.

When a university hires a foreign student in this case, it is very likely that a student at the same U.S. university will get a summer job in an interesting country, like say, Germany or Japan. I have worked with students on these programs and enjoyed working with them, and I had a friend that went on one of these internships to Finland.

Very frequently the question comes up on slashdot: "How do I work abroad?" THIS IS HOW.

The summary was probably written by some bitter washed up university IT guy looking to stir up trouble.

Comment Re:Do what you want yourself (Score 1) 834

I agree with this guy - the first really objective comment that wasn't just some salary cost benefit analysis.

I would add to point 1, if there are classes and subjects in your field which you want to learn about, but you are about to graduate -> go directly to grad school, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

If you are tired of school, get a job and see how you like it - see what interests you in the real world, and use that knowledge to decided if/what to study in graduate school.

3+4 are also great advice.

I did 1, 4, and briefly 5, before going back to 3 again.


Scientists Add Emotions To Robotic Head 124

DeviceGuru writes "Claiming that service-class robots will one day be pervasive, researchers at the University of the West of England's Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) have begun investigating ways to make robots seem more human. As part of a project to enhance robot/human relationships, BRL has created a robotic head that can exhibit emotions, based on both verbal and non-verbal cues. Check out the videos in the article — especially the slightly creepy one in which the robot contemplates its purpose and its relationship to its environment."

San Fran Hunts For Mystery Device On City Network 821

alphadogg writes "With costs related to a rogue network administrator's hijacking of the city's network now estimated at $1 million, city officials say they are searching for a mysterious networking device hidden somewhere on the network. The device, referred to as a 'terminal server' in court documents, appears to be a router that was installed to provide remote access to the city's Fiber WAN network, which connects municipal computer and telecommunication systems throughout the city. City officials haven't been able to log in to the device, however, because they do not have the username and password. In fact, the city's Department of Telecommunications and Information Services isn't even certain where the device is located, court filings state."
The Courts

Geek Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Corporation 616

Chris Gregerson writes "I work as a stock photographer/web developer. I saw a photo of mine used in Vilana Financial's full-page phone book ad. They wouldn't pay the licensing fee, and I wrote about it online (mirror). They sued me for defamation, producing a sales agreement signed by one ' Michael Zubitskiy' (who they said took the photo and sold the rights to them). I sued them for copyright infringement, and they added claims against me for trademark infringement, deceptive trade practices, and tortuous interference. There was a trial I'll long remember on the 5th of November, and the judge recently issued her verdict (PDF; mirror). She ruled Vilana Financial forged the sales agreement and willfully infringed my photos, and awarded me $19,462. All claims against me were denied. I represented myself during the litigation."

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