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Submission + - Swedish physicists confirm LENR-> 2

spirito writes: Two Swedish physicists recently supervised a new test on the E-cat, a device capable of producing energy using nickel powder, water vapor and "secret" catalysts. In the report they write: “Any chemical process should be ruled out for producing 25 kWh from whatever is in a 50 cubic centimeter container. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production.” In the used powder 10% copper was found.
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Submission + - EU about to vote on copyright extension->

ConfusedVorlon writes: "Christian Engström (Pirate MEP) writes : Monday or Tuesday this upcoming week there will be another round in the fight against prolonging the copyright protection term for recorded music in the EU. Now is an opportunity to contact MEPs, Members of the European Parliament, and persuade them to vote against the term extension."
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Submission + - Sorting algorithms as dances ->

mikejuk writes: You may well have seen many simulations of sorting algorithms that aim to show how the algorithm works. However I guarantee that you have never seen anything quite in the same league as the videos made by Sapientia University — they are simply crazy but in the nicest possible way. They folk dance their way though bubble sort, shell sort, insertion sort and selection sort. Very, very weird but you find you can't but help checking that they are doing it right! Now anyone want to try quicksort?!?
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Submission + - By 2016 mobile devices will outnumber human beings->

An anonymous reader writes: In just four years' time, there will be one mobile device for every person on the planet — and by 2015, we'll be creating 26 times as much mobile data traffic, according to new predictions from IT giant Cisco.
The crystal ball gazing comes in the form of Cisco's Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast.
The report predicts that by 2015, there will be more than 7.1 billion mobile devices in use around the globe, exhanging a whopping 6.3 exabytes — that's 26 billion gigabytes — every month by 2015.

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Submission + - OnLive Aiming to Become Netflix of Games-> 1

donniebaseball23 writes: OnLive may have its long-term sights on entertainment besides games, especially with the hiring of Pandora executive Etienne Handman, but for now the cloud-based service is laser focused on taking a chunk of the games market. It's launched a Netflix inspired all-you-can-eat plan for $9.99/month (first month free). "The meteoric growth of Netflix reflects the enormous consumer demand for flat-rate instant-play media,” said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. “OnLive PlayPack is uniquely positioned to address this demand in the realm of high-performance video games, instantly delivering games at $9.99/month to TVs, PCs, Macs and iPad, and soon Android tablets, smartphones and Blu-ray players.”
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Submission + - Aussie pubs beat bar fights with biometrics-> 1

mask.of.sanity writes: Pubs and clubs in Australia are signing up in droves to national and state biometrics databases that capture patron fingerprints, photos, and scanned driver licenses in efforts to curb violence.

The databases of captured patron information mean that individuals banned at one location could be refused entry across a string of venues. Particularly violent individuals could be banned for years.

The databases are virtually free from government regulation as biometrics are not covered by privacy laws, meaning that the handling of details are left to the discretion of technology vendors.

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Submission + - US Dept. of Justice, ICE Still Seizing Domains-> 1

Chaonici writes: Operation In Our Sites, a US initiative to crack down on websites related to online copyright infringement, appears to be ongoing. Rojadirecta is a site that links to (but does not host) broadcasts of major sporting events, including soccer matches. It is highly popular in Spain, where it has prevailed twice in court after its legal status was challenged. However, US authorities have now seized the .org domain of the website without notifying the site's owner or its web host, GoDaddy. Rojadirecta can still be accessed through .com, .es, .me, and .in domains, which are not controlled by the US, but rojadirecta.org currently redirects to this well-known image.
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Submission + - AT&T Sued for Systematic iPhone Overbilling

Hugh Pickens writes writes: UPI reports that AT&T is facing a lawsuit that says AT&T routinely bills for 7 percent to 14 percent more data transactions than normally takes place that could blossom into a costly class-action case. Court papers claim that attorneys set up a test account for an iPhone, then closed all of its apps and left the device unused for 10 days. AT&T still billed the account for 2,292 KB of usage. "A significant portion of the data revenues were inflated by AT&T's rigged billing system for data transactions," say court papers filed on behalf of AT&T customer Patrick Hendricks. "This is like the rigged gas pump charging you when you never even pulled your car into the station." Attorneys say they would file to have the case moved to class-action status, which makes the outcome relevant to all of AT&T's iPhone accounts.

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