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Comment: Re:What? East Texas Jury? (Score 1) 151

by knifeyspooney (#38996219) Attached to: Texas Jury Strikes Down Man's Claim to Own the Interactive Web

If the lawsuit had succeeded, the effects would have been so widespread and so damaging. With so many powerful corporations affected, perhaps the government would finally be forced to promulgate some authentic patent reform. (In other words, this lawsuit was so crazy, it just might have worked!)

Comment: Re:FreeBSD, Windows, and Android are working on IP (Score 3, Funny) 209

by knifeyspooney (#38694518) Attached to: IPv6-Only Is Becoming Viable

At this point, it's a lot like buying an electric car when your power comes from a coal plant. It may make you feel better about yourself but nobody actually gains anything.

Well, with an electric car, you move the emissions to the industrial area that hosts your local coal plant, and so hopefully make the neighborhoods you drive in healthier places to live. Similarly, the uh, network ecosystem of the, uh kernel environment... Ugh. This is the one time when a car metaphor won't work!

Comment: Re:Just keep calm... (Score 5, Funny) 1059

by knifeyspooney (#38617098) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Way To Deal With Roving TSA Teams?

You've made clear the problem that Boston's subway stations tend to be within walking distance of each other. But there's no such problem in DC, where you usually have to drive a long way between stations. And only some kind of homicidal maniac would want to drive in DC traffic!

Wait a sec...


+ - Fugitive FreeBSD Developer Kip Macy Briefly Resurf->

Submitted by knifeyspooney
knifeyspooney (623953) writes "In 2008, it was big news in the Bay Area ( and the tech media ( when real estate investor and prominent BSD developer Kip Macy was arrested on charges related to an eviction battle with his tenant. In 2010, he and his wife vanished ( before trial, leaving his parents' Palo Alto house to be liquidated for bond. He had been silent since then, of course; but apparently, Kip briefly appeared, with little fanfare, in two discussions in the FreeBSD mailing list on which he was once an active participant. Was Kip goading the authorities, or was he testing the waters for a return to active participation in the developer community, possibly from a foreign safe haven? And how has his reappearance escaped wide notice?"
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+ - Department Of Homeland Security Says Illinois Wate->

Submitted by knifeyspooney
knifeyspooney (623953) writes "According to the Springfield State Journal-Register, the city's recent public water system failure was not caused by malicious activity. One water district trustee spoke this gem: "First, they tell us that it’s the first instance of cyber hacking in the entire world, and everyone goes nuts. Now, all of a sudden, they tell us it’s not.”"
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Comment: Re:Be careful with ASPM... (Score 1) 145

by knifeyspooney (#38030836) Attached to: Linux Kernel Power Bug Is Fixed
As I understand it, that kind of problem is exactly what motivated the kernel change that Phoronix called a regression. All hell would break loose on some systems if ASPM was enabled, so the kernel developers disabled it by default. That change led to increased stability at the cost of decreased energy efficiency. If the regression is fixed, it should mean systems like yours can use ASPM safely now.

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