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The goal in AZ is to match your speed with the number of the freeway. On the I-10 and the I-17 it slows things down to a crawl. The 51 and the 60 are a bit more challenging, especially in rush-hour. But with the 101, the 202 and the 303, you better have those "honoring fallen officers" plates attached.

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There is a reason for all the different colors of license plates. You used to be able to say that you could tell the changing seasons by the changing colors ... of the license plates. There are so many out-of-state visitors during the winter that it used to be easy to tell the snowbirds from the residents.
Probably someone decided that the snowbirds were either getting picked on or getting preferential treatment, so lots of colors of AZ plates were made. As a bonus, more money comes in!!

Did you know that AZ has very short winters? Last year it was on a Tuesday.

+ - Samsung Galaxy S5 Released 2 Weeks Early in S.Korea->

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knarfling (735361) writes "The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on sale now in South Korea, two weeks early — much to Samsung's surprise.
The S5 is set to go on sale around the world on 11 April, hitting shop shelves in 150 countries before the month is out. But the wait is too long for impatient South Korean carrier SK Telecom, which has made the phone available today for around 866,800 won."

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Exactly!! The TFA (I know, I know. Why read the TFA.) calls it the wells-to-wheels carbon profile. And Mazda is comparing only to the "dirtiest" areas.

And those levels would likely be better than the wells-to-wheels carbon profile of an electric car running in a coal-heavy country--Poland, for example.

Not only that, but the engines themselves are not yet designed. They are "projected" be available by 2020.

I realize the air is a bit dirty, but still -- That is a long time to hold your breath.

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Definition of anti-virus. Noun: A piece of malware sometimes purchased, designed to a) use up resources and slow down a machine, b)report activity to a central repository, and c) insure that it is the only malware on a given machine. Because of (c), it is one of the few pieces of malware that is REQUIRED to be installed in order to pass several security certifications. In a rare form of honesty, some anti-virus programs have correctly identified themselves as malware and disabled themselves. Others have identified essential Windows libraries as a virus and have managed to shut down the OS.

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Subset of Lie # 12: "It must be run as root/Administrator." Also known as: "I need the user program to access system calls and the *BEST* way to accomplish that is to run the program with admin privilages since admin can do that without annoying pop-ups.

It amazes me how many Win7 programs I run into that were originally programmed with XP or Win2000 in mind. The official Tech Support answer is: Oh, you have to be logged in as an administrator. If that doesn't work, right click on it and run it as an administrator."

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Several years ago, I used to work for a now defunct online web site company that provided websites to customers. Customers were required to activate their site and sign in to a site management web page. Although the password policy was not as sophisticated as it should have been, we did require password to be between 6 and 16 characters.

We received an email from one customer who was helping a new customer activate and sign up for the web management page. The new customer liked to pick passwords based on a mild shock value and wanted to use "Penis" as his password. The customer wanted us to know that they almost died laughing when the web page responded back with the message:
"Password rejected. Not long enough. Please try another."

Remember, password length is important. Choose your length wisely.

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Probably because the wood has to remain damp in order to be effective. Once the wood dries, it loses the ability to filter well. Water runs through crack and the pores don't filter properly.

This is not something you could set up, let sit in storage for a few weeks, pull it out and expect it to be effective.

It looks like it would be most effective on a small but not personal level. With a small group you could filter enough water to keep the wood damp for a long time, replacing the "filter" as needed. Sounds great for villages in developing countries, but it doesn't look like it would scale very well.

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Have to agree. I have a few dogs, and i have never noticed that any of them line up in one direction or another. All of them have faced different directions when pooping. I must have a bunch of broken dogs.

A more simple explanation, of course, is that there is an underground facility nearby that is wrecking havoc on the magnetic fields near my house.

Only way to be sure is to ask my dogs to carry a compass and keep a poop journal. "Iggy, if you can't write in the journal which direction you were facing when you pooped, can you at least scratch an arrow in the grass? "

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Thanx for the info, but doesn't help. The info there only reduces files that are no longer needed because of SP1. If you installed with SP1, you still get lots of updates and the winsxs folder continues to grow, but the DISM command cannot find any files to delete.

Other options listed, such as deleting from the Software Distribution/Downloads folder or the disk cleanup tool, reclaim between 8K and 50M from a 12G winsxs folder.

Thank you for the link, but it doesn't fix the problem. At best it only delays it. And if they never release a SP2, that folder can only grow.

Comment: Upgrade? Win7 and 8 have their own update issues (Score 1) 413

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Upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 certainly fixes one issue, but it creates a whole new set of problems.

1.) There is guarantee that this won't be a problem in Win7 or Win8. This only showed up when there were *Lots* of updates to IE. In three or four years, Win7 could have a similar problem, or at least a problem with similar symptoms.

2.) Win7 did redesign the update process. (Actually Vista first showed up with it, but many people are skipping Vista altogether.) But in their great (for very, very small values of great) wisdom, they removed the ability to delete old, unneeded patches. In XP and 2003, you simply went to the Windows folder and deleted any of the old patches. You could no longer un-install the patch, but who needs to un-install a 7year-old patch? With Win 7, you cannot delete old patches. The winsxs folder grows exponentially, and since everything depends on everything else, deleting from that folder causes all kinds of problems. This leaves you with a winsxs folder that can be 20G or 30G with no way to trim it down. This is fine for a single system with a 500G hard drive, but is a BIG pain when dealing with VM's.

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I tried having multiple accounts, but the arguments between accounts quickly got out of hand.

At first, it was just the other account made way too many stupid arguments, but it soon escalated to threats of physical violence. I had to keep a close watch on myself to keep me from slashing my own tires. (I tried hiding, but I quickly learned that I knew where I lived and where I liked to hide.)

After two or three "unfortunate incidents" I decided to close all but one of the accounts. Things settled down for a while, but I still have to keep a close eye on me in case I go back and login to one of the "closed" accounts.

Only two of my personalities have delusions, but one of them is paranoid and the other is out to get him.

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