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Comment: Re:Layman interpretation (generally) (Score 1) 264

by knapper_tech (#45733059) Attached to: Scientists Extract RSA Key From GnuPG Using Sound of CPU
I was skeptical until I recalled how the encryption will pass through a loop or not at some order of magnitude frequency that can be picked up by the Mic. For any busy server with requests popping in and out at various intervals, there would be more noise from the multiple processes that might be doing encryption work or just varying workload (db's, web apps etc). This is noise on the same order as the encryption work in some cases. The web server or ssh server (using GPG but not encrypting communication?) will also be doing encryption with a different key and creating more noise. Of course both keys can be gotten in the case of key-key noise, but in a server room full of the things, it's just one more layer of variables.

What I don't get is that GPG's implementation is doing more or less work based the encryption routines being executed. Optimization always leads to saturation unless memory traffic is the culprit (can't optimize memory reads infinitely). Would read the paper, but oh look at the time.

Comment: Yeah, and Netflix is Next...Right... (Score 1) 370

by knapper_tech (#45621837) Attached to: Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off
The notion that streaming music, which requires much less bandwidth than video, is not going to ever be profitable is obviously nothing more than a fascination of the RIAA that finally a new medium of consumption doesn't require a new business model in order to capture the demand and revenue.

Comment: ASUS Zenbooks (Score 1) 477

by knapper_tech (#45528541) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro?
Very high quality build, excellent specs, battery life that makes going mobile reasonable. Spend $1700+ and you have one hell of a laptop. Dual SSD, great display, gobs of ram, massive video card... The Linux support used to require some optimus tweaking, but these days it should "just work." There was a bug that cause the light sensor in the camera to generate keystrokes, but you can put a smiley sticker on top.

Comment: Re:Why did Python avoid some common "OO" idioms? (Score 2) 242

by knapper_tech (#44608737) Attached to: Interviews: Q&A With Guido van Rossum
Ultimately, since Python is dynamic down to being able to override the data model of an object on the fly, there would be no point. There is no point in any program really. Underscores do just as good of job as public/private declarations at telling me which parts of the API are for users and which are for the class. I might use private attributes and methods, but I ought to know what I'm doing if I do. Any program's data can be made public, and the more frequently the need arises, the better programmers get at using introspection to uncover the private members, and suddenly there's no point.

One of the older justifications given for encapsulation and header files was to be able to sell binary objects. If you can't read the source for the library, you can't figure out how all the parts work, so you better use the public API or you might really screw something up. This is totally irrelevant in the world of open source software. Underscores are a totally valid solution to telling other programmers who might modify the encapsulation what the intent was at one point, giving them a strong hint that they need to dig deeper before messing around. If encapsulation is a gentleman's agreement, why does it need a language feature?

Comment: Mindshare Balkanization via Invalid Comparisons (Score 1) 627

by knapper_tech (#44532435) Attached to: Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?
A distribution is an organization, configuration, and ...well...distribution philosophy and set of tools to implement that philosophy. In short, a distribution is a package manager. Start with LFS, install a package manager, configure it like one of the distros, and a new identity your Linux installation will be given. We should be highlighting that the only thing really different from XFCE on Arch and XFCE on Ubuntu is the default color and icon schemes, system tray programs, and perhaps the file layout of configurations. Any comparison that differentiates totally similar distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) on equal footing with totally dissimilar distributions (Arch) glazes over the nature of the differences and obfuscates the choice of operating system. It's different strains of apples vs and orange. Please, teach your Linux taxonomy and don't exaggerate contrived identities. Linux is not soccer.

Comment: Seriously, Identity Crisis (Score 1) 229

by knapper_tech (#41752823) Attached to: OpenGL Becoming a Requirement For the Linux Desktop
Ubuntu, Mint etc users: You can add another older window manager using apt-get. XFCE etc are lightweight. Just because your distro pimps one WM over another doesn't mean jack. Come to think of it, why didn't anyone mention Xubuntu or Lubuntu or one of the other Ubuntus? This post is so n00b.

Your WM is just one software package in your Linux distro. Your Linux distro is just one of many. Pretty much any Linux distro can be re-installed completely from source (and necessary binary blobs) to -BE- another Linux distro.

Comment: And Save What? More Fantasy? (Score 3, Insightful) 267

by knapper_tech (#40944653) Attached to: Wall Street and the Mismanagement of Software
It's already such a waste that so much talent is getting thrown at problems that seek to make money while producing absolutely nothing. HFT is cleverly sanding in the middle of a river in an eddy and dipping your hand in to tap power without getting pushed downstream. What does Wall Street actually produce? What is their product? Why should we care that they periodically lose their minds and shirts? If anything HFT should be taxed into oblivion so that excellent minds aren't recruited to deliver nothing of social value.

Comment: The Efficient People Will Build Your Crutches (Score 2) 1134

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The number of developers I'm meeting who are not comfortable on the CLI and opt for more obtuse ( not esoteric and hard to get into, but obtuse when it's time to understand what just broke ) IDE's, I'm obliged to pour fire on anything short of mind-machine interfaces to replace the CLI.

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