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Comment Re:The map one was prickish. (Score 1) 1440

Because numerous studies have demonstrated that conversing with someone on the phone, even hands free, demands far more of a person's attention than conversing with someone in the car with you. Under controlled test track conditions drivers holding phone conversations made significantly more driving errors than those conversing with people in the car. The prevailing theory is that when talking on the phone your brain is forced to focus much more intently on the content of the conversation than when talking to a person sitting right next to you.

Comment Re:Protections? (Score 2) 307

In the USA, yes there are (can't speak for other countries). It is afforded the same status as lawyer-client or doctor-patient. A spiritual advisor (priest, minister, rabbi, shaman, spaghetti wizard) may not be compelled to reveal what someone told him PROVIDED the communication is in the context of providing spiritual advice or counseling; this context is generally construed very broadly.

Comment Re:Interesting Litmus Test (Score 1) 382

Why is litmust test of biological knowledge (for college freshman) whether they know where plants get the majority of there mass?

All of the questions revolve around the carbon cycle. The point is to make sure that college students understand the carbon cycle so that they can discuss global climate change in every college class from physics to poetry.

Comment Re:Holy crap! (Score 1) 239

Speaking of which, why do they need to keep the wings?

Why? You couldn't build a better roof-truss than a wing of a 747. It's a huge structure designed to support lots of weight.

Um, roofs do not need to support a lot of weight, there's generally nothing on top of them. Unless you happen to live in Buffalo, NY and are carrying a heavy snow load. But this house is being built in Malibu. Weight loading on this roof is not a factor.

And the structural elements inside an aircraft wing are optimally designed to distribute the loads typically found on a wing, not a roof. Even a half-assed engineer could design a truss system better suited to a roof than a jumbo jet wing.

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