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Comment Re:Japanese solution! (Score 1) 378

Many banks in Germany have changed this now because many of these card readers had been modified for skimming purposes in the past. So our banks have now upgraded most ATM with antiskimming devices and they either leave the door open or have replaced the card reader with a simple "open doorf" push button.

Also it brings no security (any criminal who wants to enter will be able to present a working card and be it a prepaid credit card just bought at the gas station). I also believe the main reasoning for the requirement of a card to enter the lobby was to keep out homeless people.

Comment Re:Crime (Score 1) 318

Maybe something like this?

As the Wikipedia also has that article in swedish, I would assume that this is a concept used in your country as well. I don't really know about details, but for example the german version states (for germany) that the prisoner under this program normally will be released to family on weekends.

Comment Re:HOW?? (Score 2) 620

This is what they claim. You might remember from the NSA documents that it appears standard procedure to cover the source of information by creating a plausible lie.

Of course they would never tell if they have enough metadata and surveillance to identify Tor users and hidden sites. It would be in their interest to keep us using a network they can penetrate.

Comment What do you mean by "can"? (Score 4, Insightful) 259

can the government force you to lie and state that you haven't been contacted when you actually have

As we should have learned, the government by large does not care if they "can" (in a legally sense), they just do it. But if necessary: Those rubber stamp courts will surely find a way to make it happen in a way which is legal on paper.

Comment So learn German (Score 5, Informative) 94

I believe that most of the stuff on H Online is also available through the newsticker of Heise ( in German. Which should not be such a surprise considering that H Online is/was operated by Heise (their UK part in this case) as well.

Heise is the publisher who publishes for example the well respected computer magazine c't in Germany.

Comment TOTP would solve the parallel access problem (Score 4, Informative) 58

Instead of using some custom two-factor authentication which is bound to a specific phone, they should use TOTP ( Then the same shared secret could be configured into several token generators (e.g. Google Authenticator on Android).

TOTP seems to become the standard for two-factor authentication, given that both Facebook and Google use this (Facebook provides its own limited code generator with their App) and also quite a few other significant services (e.g. Dropbox, Amazon AWS).

Google also provides a pam module for TOTP which allows one to setup TOTP for own services. I tried that yesterday: Installed the PAM module and added a key into Google Authenticator. Result: TOTP secured SSH login (by using normal account password with the token appended). TOTP support can also be added to non-PAM capable applications, for example a TOTP extension for Mediawiki exists. I tried that one as well and it is working great.

Google Authenticator App allows one to configure more than one account, so you can secure different services with TOTP and still have one central token generator App.

Comment Re:He does not want to sell it for Bitcoins... (Score 4, Informative) 106

I'm not sure if you are correct, though. From the FA:

"Bitcoins are really hard to get your hands on if you want to get them in large quantities," he told the BBC when asked why he decided to accept the currency for his home. "I have a couple projects that I want to get started, and they will take a lot of Bitcoins."

So it sure sound like he will accept at least quite a large part in Bitcoins. The article states that the priced asked for currently equal about 5300 Bitcoin.

Comment F*** you (Score 1) 386

I was a satisfied user of Bloglines for many years until it was overtaken and crippled by some Internet business. I reluctantly switched to Google Reader which had many shortcomings (e.g. no really persistent "keep unread" feature), but I got used to it because it was the only usable web RSS reader left.

Any now Google is killing this one as well. Thank you very much. Not.

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