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Adobe's ADEPT DRM Broken 273

Posted by timothy
from the it-was-just-all-caps dept.
An anonymous reader writes "I love cabbages has reverse-engineered Adobe's ADEPT DRM (e-book protection). On February 18, I love cabbages released code that decrypts EPUB e-books protected with ADEPT and followed that up on February 25, with code that decrypts PDF e-books protected with ADEPT. On March 4, I love cabbages was given a DMCA take down notice. And there's plenty of evidence he got it right. DS:TNG (Dmitry Sklyarov: The Next Generation)?"

Comment: Deja Vu all over again? (Score 1) 201

by kjj (#27066627) Attached to: Red Hat Hit With Patent Suit Over JBoss

Didn't Red Hat put this behind them with this settlement?

What is the good of making a settlement like this that was suppose to protect everybody when the next troll comes along? Red Hat should have not just given in and settled the previous case, because now every other joker with a patent related to ORM will come after them.

Comment: Re:University with Patents? (Score 1) 159

by kjj (#21329041) Attached to: Northeastern University Sues Google Over Patent
Even if it was true that all research at public schools must be made available to the public, this school is not a public school at all, it is a private school. Which means that most of the funding for the schools operation comes from tuition and donations by the alumni, not state or federal aid. Some private schools reject all state and federal funding because they do not which to be bound by rules concerning things like how they administer the school, choice of curriculum or what criteria they use for admitting students. In other words private schools are allowed to operate much more like private corporations than public schools. Some technical institutes are corporate run entities that are run not just with the mission to educate people but also to make money doing it.

+ - Fedora 8 officially released-> 1

Submitted by Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat (666) writes "Fedora 8 has been officially released. Ars Technica has a run-down of what's new in Fedora 8, including the PulseAudio sound daemon, Nodoka visual style, and a new authentication system. 'Another major change in Fedora 8 is the new PolicyKit authentication system that makes authority escalation more secure. Instead of providing root access to an entire program when it needs higher privileges, PolicyKit makes it possible to isolate individual operations that require higher privileges and put them into system services that can be accessed through D-Bus. Another advantage of PolicyKit is that it will give administrators more control over which users and programs have access to individual operations that use escalated privileges.'"
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