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Submission + - 'Velociraptor' spider discovered in Oregon cave->

Damien1972 writes: Scouring the caves of Southwest Oregon, scientists have made the incredible discovery of a fearsome apex predator with massive, sickle claws. No, it's not the Velociraptor from Jurassic Park: it's a large spider that is so unique scientists were forced to create a new taxonomic family for it.
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Submission + - Cables show US seeks Assange

prakslash writes: Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that according to the diplomatic cables obtained by them, despite the denials by the US State Department and the Australian Foreign minister, the US investigation into possible criminal conduct by Mr Assange has been ongoing for more than a year. Further, the Australian diplomats expect that the US will seek to extradite Assange to the US on charges including espionage and conspiracy relating to the release of classified information by WikiLeaks.

Comment One more reason to bicycle... (Score 3, Informative) 1059

In Washington, DC, you can refuse to allow inspection of your bags when entering the subway, but then you will be turned away need to find alternative transportation, and *may* be followed. (I don't recall if they *always* follow or not.)

Comment Bad move (Score 1) 1128

Given the number of candidates with somewhat extreme values who have been successfully elected, the potential for this to backfire seems rather high. Instead, lobbying for run-off elections or other systems that encourage people to vote for whom they want, rather than vote against whom they don't want would be more useful. No more "Gee, I want to vote for the Green Party candidate, but since she's unelectable, that would mean the person I least want will win. Therefore, I have to vote for the 'lesser of evils' candidate." Vote for your top three, and not be penalized. Perhaps in the days before cars, planes, television, telephones, and computers, the Electoral College made sense. But holding onto it for tradition's sake doesn't seem practical. (There are other "traditions" that are now viewed as civil rights violations. So, the government is capable of throwing out traditions.) If Democrats (or for that matter, any other party) are intent on perverting the system, I'd favor a strategy of trying to get more of the opposition's least opposing candidates in there. In other words, sane people from the opposing party, who if elected, may not be my personal favorite, but is closer to my position than the mainstream of the opposing party.

Preview of Ubuntu's Unity Interface 382

itwbennett writes "In late October we learned that starting with the next release (11.04), Ubuntu would use Unity instead of GNOME as its default desktop interface. Now we know a bit more about what that will (and won't) mean for users. The move to Unity doesn't mean that Ubuntu is abandoning GNOME. It also doesn't mean that users will be forced to use Unity; they'll still be able to revert to the old GNOME interface. What it does mean, mainly, is that users will be presented with a simple interface — probably too simple for nuts and bolts types. The more 'radical shift' will be switching Ubuntu's base graphics system from the X Window System to Wayland. There users can expect that it will take some time before things are in working order. 'In other words,' says Steven Vaughan-Nichols who reviewed Unity for ITworld, 'Wayland will be an option, and one that only people who don't mind having their desktops blow up on a regular basis should fool with, in Ubuntu 11.04. By Ubuntu 11.10, it will be workable, and come the spring release two years from now, Ubuntu 12.04, we should, if all goes well, see a stable Wayland-based Unity desktop.'"

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