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Comment: Smaller? I want bigger! (Score 2, Interesting) 233

by kizza42 (#33279864) Attached to: 7-Inch iPad Rumored
If anything, I would actually prefer they shoot for a larger screen. My wife uses one to store all of her sheet music that would have otherwise required a suitcase to haul around to performances, its actually faster to sight read off and turn the pages with a touch than a real music book. Her only complaint is that it would be nice if the usable screen was slightly larger. An A4/Legal sized screen would properly rule the world!

Comment: Re:They are lying. (Score 5, Interesting) 523

by kizza42 (#20739803) Attached to: PC Makers Offering a Bridge Back To XP

I work as a Tech for one of the big notebook companies in Australia.

When our first & second wave Vista machines came out. There were literally no drivers available for downgrading to XP, Even directly from the chipset manufacturers! The most competent people would manage to get XP running but the sound/modem/lan/wlan chipsets were changed so the machines would be largely unusable.

Many Techs would call up almost in tears as they'd just procured 500 of these units and needed to roll them back to XP. I still don't see any certification or claims made on our new machines that guarantee 100% XP compatibility yet they still bitch and moan despite their own ignorance.

Its funny, for the 1st half of the year, We would get daily complaints and death threats from the geeks/techs wanting Vista drivers for their XP machines. Now for 2nd half of the year its been daily complaints and death threats from geeks/techs wanting XP driver for their Vista machines!!

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson