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Comment: Re:The Equal Opportunity World of the Future (Score 1) 158

by kiwi77 (#18034486) Attached to: 1 Million OLPCs Already On Order
Well, not everyone is totally enamored with laptops. My daughter, who is in the 11th grade attends a public school that this year provided all students with a laptop. Interestingly enough, she didn't want one and felt no need to have one. She has a pc at home that she uses for school work and thought that was enough; she felt that using a laptop during class would detract from learning, she would rather take notes and write by hand. That was her decision and we strongly supported her in her choice. The school sent out notices to schedule a meeting to pick up the computer and sign paperwork. We contacted the school and informed them that Katy didn't want a computer. We were told it was not optional. We ignored them. We later received another notice that she had been rescheduled. We ignored that also. She never got the computer and is happy for that. All her teachers understood her choice and didn't make a fuss about it. I am convinced that computers do not aid in learning basics; they are great for word processing, basic research, and communication. They are time wasters in lots of other cases. There is another post on slashdot about blackberries and constant connection. I am convinced we are not better for being constantly connected with cell phones, etc. and my daughter feels the same way, thank god. Real learning takes effort and time and was done a long time before computers were invented. Read a book sometimes.

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