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Comment Ashamed to be Kiwi (Score 1) 162

I'm very disappointed in this law, and ashamed to be kiwi. The three main things I'm against is: a) The law goes against a basic principle of our justice system which is "innocent until proven guilty" b) It was pushed through parliament by a process which circumvents most of our democratic protections c) It still doesn't deal with the fact that account holder != computer != person I was involved in the consultation for the first version of this law, and the process for the notices is a horrible convoluted pass-the-buck around ISPs due to the issues surrounding IP ownership vs the end relationship with the customer, which is further complicated due to our privacy laws. I've always said that the law was akin to charging the owner of a car with a hit-and-run when they weren't the driver. Shame on you NZ Parliament!

Comment If it were cheaper, I'd buy it (Score 2) 620

Individual songs are so cheap on iTunes I never pirate music and I'm extremely happy to pay. If I could get e-book rentals for two weeks, movie rentals a week, and episodes at the same time as they air in the USA for $1 I've give them even more of my money! Buying movies in iTunes for $5, and being able to buy them at the same time as they come out in the cinema for around $10 would be great too.

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