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Comment Re:The question is 'why' (Score 3, Insightful) 308

As a developer with >20 years of embedded experience, nothing makes me sadder than seeing desktop developers (like your .Net monkeys) programming in an embedded environment. They don't understand multi-threading. They don't understand being efficient with CPU cycles and with memory. They struggle if luxuriously rich API's and libraries are not available.

Whenever I see a kiosk or a bank ATM with a BSOD or windows error dialog on the screen, I know that the wrong kinds of developers worked on that project.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 63

It's not a terrible idea. Golf is one of the only scenarios where it's somehow okay to hand somebody a set of keys and a bottle of beer at the same time. Self-driving cars could help clean up some sticky liability and risk issues with underage drivers, drunk drivers, bad drivers, etc.

Comment Re:Put a fork in it, it's done. (Score 1) 539

Every time somebody diverts attention from the real issue to the partisan blame games, America loses. The fact that yours is one of the first top-rated posts shows how well-trained Americans have become to attacking one another instead of facing the real sources of their problems.

Comment get what you pay for (Score 1) 162

I worked in the vending industry for a very long time, and have worked with all sorts of bill and coin acceptors.

If the stakes are low (parking meters, etc), then a cheapass validator from some random Spanish company (like this one) is probably fine.
If the stakes are high, get a Swiss-designed Sodeco BNA validator with impeccable security, reliability, and accuracy. Unfortunately, it'll cost a small fortune.

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