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Comment: Overpriced (Score 1) 257

by kuzb (#48926091) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

The ipad is overpriced, which was easy to get away with when there was no competition. Now that there's competition, apple continues to fail in the pricing game. Android will continue to eat Apple's lunch until they wake up and realize that trying to maintain this luxury image will kill them.

Comment: Re: Regulation? (Score 2) 332

by drsmithy (#48913541) Attached to: Davos 2015: Less Innovation, More Regulation, More Unrest. Run Away!
Yet my income is well below the poverty level, [...]
Then how do you afford the things you say you have ? Because a thousand bucks a month minus necessities like food and shelter, doesn't leave a lot left over to pay for iPads, big TVs and cars.
The rest of your post is just straw men and non-sequiturs.

Comment: Re:grandmother reference (Score 5, Insightful) 456

Except in this era of increasing server-side reliance, game piracy is becoming less of an issue. It will eventually get to the point where you're not actually buying the game, you're buying an account with which you can then play the game. Since the majority of people don't think twice about needing to be always connected this trend will only continue.

Comment: Re:Your scripts were terrible (Score 1) 420

by kuzb (#48886837) Attached to: Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

Except he was really an asshole who couldn't appreciate what was done for him. Fuck that guy.

"Reportedly hated working on Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) so much, Guinness claims that Obi-Wan's death was his idea as a means to limit his involvement in the film. Guinness also claims to throw away all Star Wars related fan mail without even opening it."

Comment: Re:Once upon a time (Score 1) 165

by kuzb (#48861161) Attached to: Your Entire PC In a Mouse

Yes, I have a razer mamba which I use regularly. I can use it in both a wired and wireless mode and it works great. Orientation is not hard to manage, and it comes with a charge stand which doubles as a receiver or you can plug a USB cable directly in to it.

The pros are obvious. You're not dragging a cable, which means you're not stressing a cable. Which means one less thing it break, and more fluid mouse operation.

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