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Comment All the news lately (Score 1) 729

Can be likened to that terrible M. Night Shyamalan movie where people are killing themselves for no reason. (Spoiler: Something to do with the trees if I remember right...) I just see Microsoft jumping off a cliff, followed by the Gnome developers. Who will go crazy next?

Comment Business gear fails too... (Score 1) 241

The continuous power recommendation above is probably your best bet.

Enterprise level gear is good stuff, but it can fail as well, part of what makes it enterprise is the service agreements and rapid replacement you can get on them. Really for a small network that would be a waste of money.

Would you buy a tractor-trailer rig to get stuff from a lumber yard occasionally when a pickup truck would suffice? Just keep said pickup truck well maintained and it should be fulfill your needs and be less expensive than the corporate solution.

I realize that was kind of a stretch but hopefully it helps to illustrate the point.

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