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Comment: Sweet Oblivion, embrace me... (Score 2) 275

by kinohead (#47949539) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Avoid Becoming a Complacent Software Developer?

* Drink heavily and often.
* Shove a raw potato up his tailpipe. (do the car first)
* Begin implementing endless "for->next" loops in random code sections.
* See who can bounce random objects into a wastebasket at the far hall; style counts.
* Wear warpaint made from broken dry erase markers and ambush a co-worker while they are changing the water bottle in the office water dispenser.

Hell, man, you are in the same boat as the rest of us. Get creative.elsewhere and let old fussy pants stew in his own juices.

Give him all the rope he wants...

Comment: Re:It's an artform (Score 1) 240

"This isn't about learning photography, for kids it's about being retro/hip/individual."

This is always the bash that insecure digital mavens throw out when trying to justify their insecurity over analog photography.

If film is so dead, why are you so incredibly insecure about it?

Comment: Re:It's an artform (Score 1) 240

"Once you've got that down, then you can fool around with old analog photography."

Yeah then "old analog photography" will eat your short-attention span, "put it on auto" ass, because it takes dedication, a tiny bit of patience and a bit of determination.

Anyone can bang away thousands of times and luck into a good image.

Good luck on your road to mediocre images...

Comment: Re:Great! (Score 1) 250

by kinohead (#42587877) Attached to: Instagram Loses Almost Half Its Daily Users In a Month

It's much faster than making them look like crap in photoshop. Face it, digicrap is digicrap; a disposable medium for the terminally lazy. Just put it on auto, hose down the scenery and spend 10 hours torturing a medicre shot into a weird by product of CGI. Instagram pisses so many self styled artists off because it accomplishes the same relative effect in a few clicks. Ha!

Comment: Re:Scandal that isn't (Score 1) 177

by kinohead (#42427579) Attached to: Drone Photos Lead to Indictment For Texas Polluters

And, I think I'll just wade through all the speculation and theories to decide for myself, rather than allow opinions like your to take away that option.

Your stance is just as rote and predictable as those you oppose.

For me, I prefer tin hat and all, rather than a outright dismissal of things that are improbable or even impossible.


+ - Michigan makes it illegal to ask for employees' Facebook logins->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Michigan joins Maryland as a state where employers may not ask employees or job applicants to divulge login information for Facebook and other social media sites. From the article:
"Under the law, employers cannot discipline employees or decline to hire job applicants because they do not give them access information, including user names, passwords, login information, or “other security information that protects access to a personal internet account,” according to the bill. Universities and schools cannot discipline or fail to admit students if they do not give similar information."
There is one exception, however:
"However, accounts owned by a company or educational institution, such as e-mail, can be requested.""

Link to Original Source

Comment: Yah, for sure... (Score 1) 1

by kinohead (#42413475) Attached to: Instagram User Drop Blamed on Holidays, Not Recent Controversy

Like an old Cajun I used to work for would say. when faced with an obvious denial of reality, " ... And then a bear jumped out of my ass..."
I deleted 500+ photos and am staying off until I am sure they have really recanted their rights-grab TOS. If not, away goes my account on the 15th of January. Place ads, use my images *with* permission or lose a ton of accounts. Simple.

Comment: About 16TB - mostly uncompressed 3K TIFFs (Score 1) 172

by kinohead (#42407473) Attached to: As 2012 comes to a halt, my data takes up ...

7 public domain, silent films scanned @ 3K full aperture from the original 35mm nitrate prints, along with the 2K and HD derivatives And about 1TB of personal data/ etc from about 1987 or so. It's a mess I wil be trying to dedupe and catalog with a DAM like ResourceSpace. I hates data wrangling, yes I does!

Comment: Wonderful! (Score 1) 1232

by kinohead (#42396949) Attached to: New York Paper Uses Public Records To Publish Gun-Owner Map

That's Wonderful! I thing we need to include an interactive database on White Collar Criminals, Speeding Ticket Offenders, People who donated to Political Causes and Estimated Annual Income!

Pure pandering to a bad situation to foment strife and drum up sales. The database contributes nothing but conflict to the situation. It is petty, vindictive and unhelpful.

Journalism is no longer practiced. We have regressed to the "sob-sister" and "yellow journalism" movements of the preceding century.

"Truth never comes into the world but like a bastard, to the ignominy of him that brought her birth." -- Milton