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Comment xbmc and hardware acceleration (Score 1) 72

There are many of this so called sticks pc's, minipc's or whatever. But none of them have full support (for now) for hardware accelerated drivers. The first of them that has open drivers and support for XBMC is going to sell millions. What I don't understand is why manufacturers do not see it yet. (replied to myself 'cos I was not logged in...)

Comment Re:Haven't these people learned? (Score 3, Insightful) 580

Ok, usually I don't get into guns discussions, but just for your information, in my country you have to have your guns locked, dismantled and inside a safe box.

Thing is, the safebox is too complicated for my father to go throuhg, so, so you know who was the one in charge of opening it most of the times? Yeah, his 7 years old son, that was me, by the way.

And although I admit to being a full sociopath, I am not a crazy or assassin or anything.

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