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Comment: Re:What next? (Score 3, Insightful) 97

by Samantha Wright (#49776657) Attached to: Hot Topic To Buy ThinkGeek Parent Company Geeknet
Yep, you've hit it on the head: the fashion world heavily depends on hyperspecific brands. A parent company may own an immense number of outlet identities that aim to cater to a specific submarket. Hot Topic is a good parent company for ThinkGeek because their model is already built around faddish, meme-driven trends (as you said), but the two target audiences have little enough overlap that this will be a substantial diversification to their marketing reach.

Comment: Re:For anyone else wondering what the hell this is (Score 1) 203

They covered all that in the article. Not just how to turn it on, but why it's not on by default/exposed in the UI yet. Seriously, you can't fail to RTFA and then be all "I had to look this up" and "you need to be in a special club to use this" when it explains what's going on right there in front of you.

Comment: Yep (Score 1) 92

I bought a cheap tablet for 35 AUD from officeworks. The normal price was 45 AUD but this device was pink (for kids) and had been returned. I took it home, and when I experimented with the gallery I found selfies taken by a child. I ran the factory reset but the pictures were still there so I just deleted the photos.

Comment: Re: Yeah, disappointing (Score 1) 776

...well, maybe they weren't happy with the specifics of the Nationalist-Socialist platform. (I bet it was the anti-smoking mindset.) It's not quite as if neo-Nazis have a monopoly on profound racism, or even a monopoly on holocaust denial. Sometimes it's just desirable for the sake of some local variety of nationalism to pretend the Jews weren't as abused during World War 2 as they actually were.

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