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Comment: No I don't agree (Score 2) 342

The falcon can't throttle down enough to hover before landing so it has to approach the pad at high speed, and high acceleration. While doing this it has to rotate the entire vehicle to control lateral movement. It has to coordinate lateral and vertical acceleration to achieve near zero in all three axes at touchdown, with only one chance to get it right.

I doubt this can be done without extra thrusters for fine control over velocity and position.

Comment: Re:Chinese or Indian Devs? (Score 2) 187

by MichaelSmith (#49456659) Attached to: LG Split Screen Software Compromises System Security

The system I had to deal with: the intranet installed an activex component onto each workstation. The component checked to see if a USB device was mounted and if it was, it refused to connect to the internet. You had to disconnect the USB device, download your file, then reconnect it and copy the file. This was their idea of "security".

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892

The place to fix this is not at the employee level, by taking away their right to negotiate. The place to fix this is at the HR level, by firing them if they discriminate.

But, if one group of people is less willing to negotiate, discrimination from HR doesn't come into it really. You can't force people to negotiate.

I think you're right that it shouldn't have to be fixed at the employee level, I just can't really see another place that'd work (I'm no expert though.)

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892

This is because men have been conditioned that it's OK to stand up for things like that/haven't been conditioned that it's not OK, whichever way you want to see it.

There are plenty of things that men have been conditioned against: holding hands with other men (it's very common in India), being overly emotional. These are just two off the top of my head. You just don't see them because they're "normal."

Yet, according to the theocratic statement you've quoted, women apparently are weak pathetic creatures

Don't put words in my mouth.

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892

No, you can't. You can using other methods, but you'd also have to remove the negative conditioning in the first place, which won't be easy. Those other methods aren't likely to be easy and will probably take time. But just putting something in writing is not nearly enough.

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1) 892

Ahh, evolutionary psychology. The "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" of the behavioural explanations.

I especially like how you used it to write off my point, even though my explanation is directly observable. Also, independently verifiable (though I'm not aware of this having been done, tbh.)

Comment: Re:Pao = Sexist (Score 1, Informative) 892

Is this because woman are unable to negotiate as hard? Because they are unwilling to? Because they are too stupid to? What is her explanation? Is it hormonal? Does it have to do with having different body mass distribution? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's cultural. In general, men who negotiate are considered confident, whereas women who do are considered bitchy. This provides a negative incentive for women to negotiate, which then becomes ingrained.

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