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Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 3, Interesting) 190 190

On last thing to add to that (damn I wish we could edit). When the BANKS initiate the chargeback process - none of them even care about the shipping address*. Do you realize what that means? They took enough information in the chargeback report to confirm the obvious - the place the card was used - but did not record who the merchandise was shipped to. Hint: It's the thief. The thief shipped it to themselves, and no one but me, the merchant you are criticizing, even cares.

So don't loop us in with the banks. We bear the chargeback - now we are out the merchandise and the money (and occasionally with some processors - an additional chargeback fee. The bank does nothing. And without important data like a shipping address, how could they in the future if they decided to?

*Sure, not every online transaction is for goods but you would think they would at least have a standardized way of collecting the information to eventually report it to authorities.

Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 3, Interesting) 190 190

Rarely comment on slashdot, forgot about proofreading.

Wanted to add that I'm 99.99% certain of some known thief locations. When we go back to look at reports we will see sometimes 5+ chargebacks from one address. Different credit cards with different billing addresses, but same shipping address.

Anyway I don't need the doubters to believe if I'm sure enough or not, the point I want to make is that it isn't easy for me to simply report it to a tip line. At least not as easy as I wish I could be. And definitely not easy(fast) enough that my boss would be okay with me "saving the world" on his dime.

Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 5, Interesting) 190 190

As a merchant responsible quite a few online stores, I want to dispute the quoted claim and take it one step forward. We bear the losses when a chargeback occurs. That's the end of that.

Now the part that REALLY upsets me is that it isn't even close to being feasible to report a known credit card thief!

I have enough data (50+ stores into one shipping program) between orders and chargeback reports that I can tell you full residential street names of known credit card thief. Addresses that have 2-3 chargebacks and counting. You would think with this information I could easily report it to the authorities? Nope. No easy online forms exist. If you search for them you will find they are all setup for the victim to do the reporting. It's a damn shame because though I won't have to deal with the individual scam artist(s) anymore (by now I would have blocked them with heuristics), there was an opportunity to stop them from stealing more credit cards and causing more merchants headaches.

Comment Amazon != Amazon (Score 1) 326 326

Having read comments on a lot of websites I noticed many people are unaware that while Amazon has the resources to figure out tax code in 50 states, many of us are selling on Amazon and do NOT share the same benefit. We average about 500 sales per day across various marketplaces and it is going to cost a pretty penny to absorb these new requirements. The $1,000,000 threshold is too low - one million in sales does not leave us one million in profit to pay tax companies to figure all this out. A lot of people are forgetting that when you buy on, there is a huge chance you are buying from a small seller like my company. We are not Amazon; and Amazon just sends us a check each month and lets us deal with having to please 50 states and their different tax requirements.

Comment Re:just sign up with a competitor (Score 1) 348 348

I make up the difference with Google Voice and a free android app called GrooveIP. This allows me to make calls in my own home where reception is weak using my own wireless network. Otherwise you can't beat the deal:

- Android phone, unsubsidized @ $150.00 (LG Optimus V)
- Plans starting at $25.00/mo for 300 minutes, unlimited text and data
- No need to review your bill.. it is ALWAYS $25.00
- Make up for the low minutes with Google Voice
- No contracts

I've been with VM since 2007 after being tired of high text surcharges, penalties for adjusting plans as family needs changes, and the third-world status AT&T gave to us recently acquired Cingular customers. Couldn't be happier, I really feel like those relaxed stock photo men with their feet on a desk whenever I hear co-workers complaining about bills, service, cancellation fees, unknown text usage, etc.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 69 69

Sure, it may be cooler to watch videos by waving your arms, but still... buttons are more accurate and faster to use. What's wrong with using the controller for controls?

Nothing. Sort of like eating sushi with a fork...may be more practical, but you will not rack up any style points in doing so.

I've tried eating sushi with a fork once in a while, usually when I take some home and eat it later. It always fall apart for me. I think the chopsticks are more practical.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 1) 469 469

Agreed. Before HD televisions I would copy my friend's family guy DVD's to VHS before they closed that hole. It wasn't scrambling, but the color kept shifting. Anyway, on our crap tube tv I really wasn't noticing the difference between the DVD and VHS. Now that we have a 42' HDTV and our cable is only standard definition it is too crappy to watch. I can't imagine there is anyone who wanted this particular analog hole to stay open. The only thing I watch is Netflix streaming videos throught my xbox360. And that is only because I feel like I am the one ripping off Hollywood. 11 bucks a month to watch unlimited and we canceled our expanded cable lineup, we don't rent or buy movies.

Comment JS getting faster, other things getting slower (Score 1) 120 120

About 6 months ago I used chromium for my default browser, but recently I have had to launch Firefox more and more. 1) Adblock is missing ALOT of ads suddenly. Especially flash ones which really kill me on linux. It doesn't help that Adblock on chrome still actually loads ads and then hides them. 2) Websites like with a center div that is styled with a shadow bring chromium to a crawl. 3) Chrome couldn't load Google Adsense or Gmail a few times, I had to start firefox instead. I have been watching tv for the first time since 2003 (when I discovered linux) and every couple nights I have to start firefox just to go to IMDB to lookup info about actors/shows.

Comment Re:I don't think I get it... (Score 5, Funny) 549 549

If it was such an easy answer in the first place that it could occur just in the description of the link, of course!

This is like the cheap way local news stations get you to watch the whole 11pm news.

7pm: There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. Find out tonight at 11!
8pm: There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. Find out tonight at 11!
9pm: There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. Find out tonight at 11!
10pm: There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. Find out tonight at 11!
11pm: There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. Find out on this show!
11:08pm: And coming up soon, There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. But first weather.
11:30pm: Coming up after the break, 8pm: There's a food that might kill you already sitting in your fridge. Stick around.
11:59pm: And, if you eat spoiled food at the same time your murdered, you might die!
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You better believe if i can find the information before news outlets decided when I am allowed by all means I will.
Even on a page of search results, the answer to a question found in a link preview STILL is more readable that some of the junk clogged websites many news organizations have.

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