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Comment: Re:And good luck asking for APAP-free medicine! (Score 3, Insightful) 161

While true (although it's quite likely the effects are exaggerated to some degree), there's no compelling reason to have them in the same pill. People build up very high tolerances to opiates, and there isn't a whole lot by way of extra side effects in doing so, but our ability to take acetaminophen without liver damage stays about the same.

Comment: Re:Lots of false positives ... (Score 1) 415

by king neckbeard (#47400495) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

OK, what do you think is more effective?

Just having humans searching everything. They would probably be doing that anyway since dogs are not very reliable (not because of inability to use their sense of smell to detect it, but because they are dogs.).

Police don't need to get dogs 'accepted.' They're already accepted. I don't even know what you're thinking here.

Dogs sniffing for hidden electronics is not a commonly accepted practice, and I suspect that this is probably part of a campaign to make it one.

Comment: Re: Actually makes good sense (Score 1) 685

Would it? Most scans would be 2D scanning, so if you replaced the top or bottom 90% of the battery, it probably wouldn't show up as an anomaly.. If we were being even more thorough, we could have the bomb on the inside with battery on the outside, or use material that would show up the same under a scan.

Comment: Re:Lots of false positives ... (Score 1) 415

by king neckbeard (#47398289) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory
I would question the likelihood of this being anywhere near the most effective means of finding this material, and combined with the recent news that being interested in TAILS sends up a red flag with the NSA and the honored tradition of child porn and terrorism being the two most popular methods of getting a government practice to be accepted.

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by king neckbeard (#47391899) Attached to: Two Earth-Like Exoplanets Don't Actually Exist
Fortunately, we have an abundance of data to send, including educational material.that exists explicitly for the purpose of educating people who don't know our language, and we have people that have studied language construction extensively, and have created systems for communicating with both the deaf and blind. Assuming there is overlap in our sensory ranges, this would be a peace of cake if the distance to cover is Ancient Egyptian.

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by king neckbeard (#47389039) Attached to: Autonomous Trucking
If they don't have humans involved, they will still probably have quite a bit of sensory output, and most likely, some form of communications with their headquarters. The amount of money involved would easily justify the expenditures for a nice monitoring system, and the cargo might not even be readily accessible to unauthorized humans.

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