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Comment: Re:This is your Constitution on Market economics. (Score 2) 203 203

If my free speech costs someone money, the Bill of Rights has no standing.

You need to be MUCH more precise in your language, as that speech has to be fraudulent, violate some contract, or involve some other kind of tort. If this review were accurate, for example, it could cost Link money, but it would not be actionable.

Comment: Re:I'm not smart enough (Score 2) 226 226

As for the secrecy, unfortunately, this is generally how complex international treaties are negotiated

Then, perhaps we shouldn't have complex international treaties. We can do this in small pieces that can be decided in an actually democratic matter. It's the same thing with omnibus bills. If you break them down into smaller pieces, it's harder to get a rider in there.

Comment: Re:Come on! (Score 1) 194 194

I expect at least basic fact checking from anybody regardless of their nationality. This goes doubly so for someone fact checking within their own organization. America has a lot of that shit too, and I hate it, but don't defend this piece of shit for trying to defend himself with a claim he could have investigated by calling up any single person in his office.

Comment: Re:Come on! (Score 1) 194 194

Yes, how the hell would a FIFA executive be expected to know about the FIFA World Cup? He literally worked for the most direct source of information. He doesn't have to know that The Onion is satire to ask some of his ex-colleagues to know if a a World Cup is actually happening or not.

Comment: Re: Tesla Is Good For All (Score 1) 356 356

Actually you can, it's called economies of scale, and it's how basically everything cheap became cheap. Whether or not Tesla can achieve those kinds of economies of scale is a different question, but keep in mind that I can buy a $35 computer that is orders of magnitude more powerful than what once was the fastest computer in the world.

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