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Comment Re:Why they haven't taken them down (Score 1) 318

The French were apparently warned by Turkey. Given that governments have been warned about at least 9/11, the Boston bombings, and these Paris attacks. They are NOT obeying the law, and they STILL can't catch anyone that they didn't groom themselves. They are useless.

Comment Re:Number of patents... (Score 4, Insightful) 76

1) Edison worship was shoved down our throats for years, so yeah, that's going to happen out of reflex.
2) Edison did a LOT of really fucked up, horrific things, including the things he did to Tesla.
3) /. doesn't care about being an "all-around inventor" in the sense of Edison. It's like a Jobs and Woz comparison, and /. is going to pretty much universally side with Woz because Woz and Tesla were people more like us, and we don't see much value in the ability to be a shrewd businessman. Tesla was a real life mad scientist, and we love that shit.

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