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Comment Re:Background (Score 1) 313

The account from the data director who was fired was basically that this flaw kept happening, and he was building evidence that it was a serious problem. I would put it more in a light gray-hat area since he gathered evidence before notifying, but there's no evidence that he intended to use the data maliciously.

Comment Re:This is great, but honestly the closet is bette (Score 1) 165

I'm not sure if it's hard, per se, so much as it has an unsavory feel to it, particularly if manipulation is involved. That's why sociopaths do well as business leaders.

Simon Baron-Cohen breaks empathy into two parts: cognitive (understanding people's thoughts) and affective (a desire to act appropriately). Autistics have functional affective empathy, but difficulty with cognitive empathy, while sociopaths have functional cognitive empathy, but little affective empathy. I think a lot of business culture, especially at higher levels, is driven by the ability to act without affective empathy. So it's not so much that the social rules are complex as much as they are disgusting.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 446

Yes, if you drunk a can of pure LSD, that would probably fuck your world up beyond repair, but that would be because it contains thousands and thousands of doses, and it would cost a fortune. My point in comparing to beer cans is that it would be such an atypical dosage that it's not happening by accident.

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