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by king neckbeard (#47795495) Attached to: Scientists Found the Origin of the Ebola Outbreak
No, every number except for the world population and the final calculated number for mortality rate is from that WHO report. I used the numbers most favorable to producing a high mortality rate, and the number I got was far less than your 8-10% death rate (which would possibly be an accurate rate for severe cases). You can argue that the influenza is a big concern, but the numbers suggest that people with healthy immune systems don't die of influenza very often.

Another thing to keep in mind is the availability of effective options. The flu virus changes in ways that require us to update our vaccines practically every year. That makes a complete cure for the flu virtually impossible. The ways we could improve would be better immunization methods, better tracking of the spread of the flu, and adapting more quickly to new strains.

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You need to read a bit more carefully because you cited the number of severe cases, not the total number of cases. That same report says that 5-10% of adults get it annually, and 20-30% of children. If we go with the lowest number of infected, 5%, and multiple it by the 7 billion on this planet, we have 350 million. With the high estimate of half a million deaths, that clocks in around 0.14% mortality. Take out the high risk groups and that number is even lower.

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If I'm in a boxing match, and my opponent collapses, I win :)

It's quite unsettling that you take the relationship of hundreds of millions of people, with significant effects probably touching close to a billion, and try to boil it down to a sporting event.

Or is your assertion that the USSR, had it won the cold war, would've eventually collapsed on its own, then later on changed its mind and re-invaded and acquired its lost territories? :)

I'm not claiming to know what exactly would have happened with the USSR and it's people in a number of different scenarios, but I do think I can say that positive effects of our cold war actions would be dumb luck the overwhelming majority of the time. Worse yet, the era created an excess of world ending firepower and filled a generation or so with a dangerous breed of paranoia that is willing to give up their rights for nothing in the name of fear.

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Bullet hell has been around for a while, there were tons of games that were hard because they were broken, and 'Nintendo hard' is older than dirt, and variations that are nigh impossible for human players have been popular for years (think Kazio Mario). 'Masocore' is not an emerging genre.

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Except that killing off people with a disease tends to make people who have the disease a good bit quieter about it, which is harmful to eradication. If you want to throw down blame, it would be those that didn't do anything to stop it because it was a disease that seemed to only affect socially undesirably groups.

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There are also neurons in the rest of the body. Assuming these are replacement limbs instead of supplementary limbs, why wouldn't they intercae with the neurons the body was previously using to do those communications, e.g., control a replacement hand by connecting it to the neurons in the wrist?

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