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Comment: Re:No. (Score 2) 1480

by king neckbeard (#46768737) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
Murderers often have goals other than just causing the most death possible. Also, guns generally require less knowledge to use effectively than bombs and are more readily available in a working form. Most people who use firearms for murder have low counts.

whereas deaths from suicide by firearm alone account for a staggering amount of deaths (not all of which can be attributed to wanting to die unless firearm ownership somehow causes the desire to die to increase).

They don't increase the desire, but they do increase the success rate. Women attempt suicide more often, but men successfully commit suicide more often because women tend to use methods that won't result in scarring, like taking pills, while men use methods that are effective.

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I agree, and again, the issue with recording cops is a far bigger one outside of one-party states. The ACLU and such will give you things to say if police try to stop you from recording them. If you are in a single-party state, it's basically just reciting that this is a single party state, so you don't need their consent. If you are an all-party state, you have to state that it's a public place, first amendment, etc.

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It wouldn't seem to be the case. A study has suggested that the placebo effect works even if patients know they are getting fake medicine. Possibly because many patients know about the placebo effect,. and thus believe that believing has a positive effect.

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It actually would be very dependent upon the instrument in general. A number of high-end instruments couldn't even be played by a novice. For example, reed instruments like clarinets and saxophones have different grades of reeds based on how firm they are. Someone inexperienced has to play a softer reed because the muscles used in playing aren't developed enough. There are also elements like scalloped frets on a guitar, which allow for playing with an incredibly light touch, but said touch must be so delicate that a novice is only going to get awful sounds out of them.

So, to treat this question fairly, you have to treat ease of playing as a separate issue from tonal quality. Also, even if you treat being intimate with the instrument as a necessity, you could still reasonably do a double blind test, assuming that the musician doesn't attempt to subvert the process. Give them two very nice violins, and don't tell them which on is the strad. If the physical appearance is too telling, then we might have to have a musician who is literally blind.

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by king neckbeard (#46626351) Attached to: Supreme Court Skeptical of Computer-Based Patents
Absolute nonsense. Patents were supposed to 'promote the progress' of 'the useful arts.' Trade secrets had nothing to do with that because nobody who could practice something secretly indefinitely would bother getting a patent, which is costly and expires. If the goal was to reduce the usage of trade secrets, the first step would be to weaken trade secret law, but nobody ever brings that to the table because patents very little to do with trade secrets for proponents or opponents.

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You seem to understand the differences better than many psychologists, but are missing the point I am making. A very important thing to get across is that many people with Autism can be and will be 'fine' even without help. However, the fact remains that they are different in a substantial way, and properly understanding this differences increases the chances that they will be fine. A good analogy for me is being left handed. There seems to have been some evidence that being left handed was once seen as incorrect or wrong, but to say that is quite ridiculous today. We understand that lefties work a different way and may need some degree of different treatment, but don't see that way as 'wrong' anymore. That's probably the right approach to take towards autism.

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It still remains a question to what degree this is inherently a disadvantage and to what degree it is an advantage because of the structure of our society. From the perspective of an individual, it's probably not all that important, but in how to deal with this overall, it's profoundly important, as it determines whether we should focus on treating individuals or treating society.

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I only recall playing video games as early as 4, but I don't recall with detail anything earlier than than that age, but I did have the ability to beat some of those games at that age, suggesting a fair bit of experience. So yeah, parent have been letting video games and televisions babysit their children about as long as they have been able to afford video games and television.

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