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Comment: Re:Please explain your terms (Score 1) 173

by king neckbeard (#47577439) Attached to: An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax
Actually, Wikipedia tends to be more up to date. Significant recent events will get a page as events unfold, but encyclopedias tend to be limited by their release dates. There are lots of things you can claim about Wikipedia, but being more outdated than an encyclopedia is about the worst claim you can make.

Seriously, did Wikipedia murder your family or something?

Comment: Re:Citing Wikipedia (Score 1) 173

by king neckbeard (#47577347) Attached to: An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax
The Wikipedia page for wiki clarifies the differences between a wiki and a blog. Wikipedia is without a doubt a wiki, and blogs and wikis are generally considered to be two different things. If you think wikis and/or Wikipedia is horrible quality, just say that. A blog could very well be higher quality than an encyclopedia because those two words only describe the medium, not the content of that medium or its quality. You might have a blog written by a professional in a particular field and an encyclopedia written by someone who is mentally ill and hallucinating.

The word it seems you are really trying to say is 'amateur,' but blogs are not necessarily run by amateurs anymore.

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No, from the letter of the law, this is bunk. The relevant tests make the claims an absolute joke. They are just hoping to cash in, and if they get anything close to their claims, it would probably be more money than the AHRA has brought in in it's entire lifetime.

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Because parallel construction would arguably make the information fall under the 'fruit of the poisonous tree' because the anonymous tip is coming form the government or someone effectively in their employ. If we allowed that, it would effectively be a complete end-around to the fourth amendment.

Comment: Re: The DEA and CIA are both rogue agencies. (Score 1) 120

I'm not aware of any group within the Americas that typically identifies themselves as American other than residents of the USA. It's also worth remembering that Mexico is technically the United States of Mexico (Estado Unidos Mexicanos), so USians could also apply to Mexicans.

Comment: Re: The DEA and CIA are both rogue agencies. (Score 1) 120

You act as if there is no relationship between the two, when it's quite clear that both sides are complicit with each other. The militarization of local police is due to all of this war on terror crap, and much of the gear they get is from military surplus. And the lying about evidence is at least partially because the NSA is feeding them tips or something similar (like the business the NSA undoubtedly throws towards stingray manufacturers to local PDs)

Plus, the DEA has no legitimate function, and the NSA doesn't appear to actually perform any of theirs.

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The threat of losing their job is moot if the employer won't fire them for it, and admitting that you used drugs bears no legal consequences outside of the statute of limitations, nevermind that there probably isn't enough evidence even if it wasn't,and you'd have to get a DA to prosecute someone with a security clearance.

Furthermore, that line of reasoning only works on people that could be blackmailed, which would suggest the best candidates are those that are openly deviants.

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