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Comment Saw it Sunday (Score 5, Interesting) 412

Visually it was...perfect. It captured the feelings I got from books like Snow Crash and (especially) Neuromancer of a virtual world. The towers of darkness and light. The story was okay, not great but not awful. It more or less met my expectations story-wise but blew me away in the visual department. I actually got giddy the first time they showed the city from far away. Music was both good and not so good. Some of it was absolutely great and other bits a bit generic. And CGI Jeff Bridges was definitely skiing the Uncanny Valley. And while I was kind "eh" on Olivia Wilde beforehand I now have a huge crush on her. Sheesh.

Comment Last time was 99 (Score 1) 505

I said never, but thinking harder I actually bought some at school in the 6th grade (99 or so). They actually had a dispenser in the lunchroom; it was a blue box on the wall that you put in 75 cents and you got a floppy disk. Right next to it was a pencil dispenser. Never seen anything else like it. I haven't used a floppy since 2004, when I got my first USB drive. It was 64 MB for $20, but even 64MB was ~30 times that of a floppy, and it was also faster.

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