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Comment: Re:Why should log off in your own home? (Score 0) 274

by kin_korn_karn (#16710311) Attached to: A Security Guide For Non-Technical Users?
e thing you need to protect from is your computer being compromised from the outside by someone intent on using it for a botnet. That's really the only value that your PC has outside of physically stealing it. That means using anti-virus software, getting email filtered for viruses, keeping up on windows updates, using firefox instead of IE, and implenting WPA security . None of those things really interfere with anyones usage of the computer, so they shouldn't have any objections.

That's exactly what I worry about with them. Leaving it logged in like they do leaves it open to exploits. And I'm not talking about logging out every time you go to the bathroom or eat dinner - They leave it logged in literally all the time and leave it on 24/7. It's just asking for trouble.

Some asshole above said something about me being paranoid about "ninjas breaking in and stealing their data." Not hardly. But having an admin user logged into a machine 24/7 is, by default, a security hole, that needs to be fixed.

Even a lot of their non-security issues would be solved by separate user accounts, so that they could have individual bookmarks, email client configs, etc.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein