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Comment: Water and Electricity Analogy (Score 2) 555

by kiloechonovember (#44429985) Attached to: Google Argues Against Net Neutrality
If I wish to water some hedges trimmed into offensive shapes or power up a TV containing offensive images, it is NOT within the rights of the respective utility companies to tell me what to do. They can only charge me per unit of consumed resources. It's none of their business what I do with it. If you promise me X amount of mbp/s, then you damn well better deliver on it and 'do no evil' as you claim to.

Comment: Cybersecurity - What to do (Score 1) 612

by kiloechonovember (#41544179) Attached to: Ask Steve Wozniak Anything
Hi Steve, I have an opportunity to speak with Congress next week regarding cybersecurity topics. I'd love to know your thoughts and what specifically you feel is needed in our changing world - whether it be laws, regulations, industry standards etc. I'll be giving you full credit of course. Thank you!

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