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Comment: It's all due to (Score 1) 397

by kilodelta (#48915745) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms
The media echo chamber. They salivate over any snow storm event as a snowpocalypse.

Where I live in RI they had forecast 24 to 30 inches of the shit. We got maybe 5 or 6 inches of snow which is pretty much a non-event. But everything is shut down, the stores are closed, transit systems are shut down and the Governor appears on TV in bed hair. It's sort of amusing.

And I have the day off work. But then I couldn't get to work if I tried as they ban all car travel and public transit is all shut down and a 53 mile walk to Cambridge, MA is out of the question.

Comment: This makes me so happy (Score 3) 156

by kilodelta (#48864591) Attached to: Windows Server 2003 Reaches End of Life In July
That I went in the direction of the Linux world and got the hell away from Windows in general.

Between licensing costs, patches that break key functionality, etc. who the hell wants to stay on Windoze?

I like the Linux update mechanisms between apt-get on Debian and Ubuntu to yum on RedHat and CentOS. And it's fairly easy to roll back an update too. As opposed to windows where even some of your config data gets hosed in the process.

And if you're worried about things like AD, Domains etc. just install SAMBA on a Linux box and couple auth to LDAP. Life gets lots easier.

Comment: Re:WHO forced them? (Score 1) 141

by kilodelta (#48851065) Attached to: Iran Forced To Cancel Its Space Program
The frackers aren't going to stop - the technology is at the point where it actually makes sense to extract horizontally.

That said I've often maintained if we want to cripple the jihadist strains of Islam we need to dump money into R&D for advanced electric storage and charging infrastructure and tell the middle east to go get fucked.

Deny them revenue and all of a sudden they don't have the money to do anything, look at Russia for example.

Comment: Re:betteridge's law of headlines (Score 1) 489

by kilodelta (#48851037) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?
You have my condolences. I left the Windows world when they dropped support of XP. Went with Ubuntu instead - don't get me wrong Ubuntu has it's warts but nowhere near the level of say WIndows 7 or Windows 8.

My work machine is in fact a Windows 7 box - this is for a major defense contractor and in speaking with their I.T. folks we pretty much all pan Windows 8.

Comment: It's getting ridiculous (Score 1) 784

by kilodelta (#48828965) Attached to: Parents Investigated For Neglect For Letting Kids Walk Home Alone
Between the Stranger Danger and NIMBY and Snoops in the neighborhood a kid can't develop outside infantilism.

Which explains society today. Me - I was a latch key kid. Both parents worked so daily I'd do a sixth of a mile trek to and from school. Or school to my grandparents house which was also a sixth of a mile from the school. By age 7 I had my own key to the house.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke