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Comment: Aging (Score 1) 175

by kilodelta (#48616555) Attached to: Researchers Accidentally Discover How To Turn Off Skin Aging Gene
Is effectively a syndrome. Cellular DNA has telomeres and with each division those telomeres shorten until the cell line finally undergoes apoptosis. But in cancer, a compound called telomerase shuts off the aging of the telomeres and allows cancers to grow uncontrollably.

But this is interesting - so in essence if we can repair cell damage and suppress this factor then youth is maintainable for a period. Nice!

Comment: And it's (Score 1) 184

by kilodelta (#48580605) Attached to: Are the TSA's New Electronic Device Screenings Necessary?
Security theater at its finest. I've never turned off any devices when I go through checkpoints. In the case of a laptop open it up and it's a login prompt. I refuse to enter my password as that is a security risk. In fact all my devices from laptop, to phone to Fire tablet are password protected.

More to the point - what is to say that electronic device is the key to say blowing up the concourse? I mean I have Echolink on my phone and theoretically I could use it remotely trigger an event. Hell - even WifI or bluetooth will do.

Comment: I love it! (Score 1) 280

by kilodelta (#48563943) Attached to: Utilities Face Billions In Losses From Distributed Renewables
It's about time the incumbent energy providers get their comeuppance. Of course where I live National Grid - and I'm sure we all know THEIR history and origins in Britain, well here I am in the northeast U.S. paying some of the highest electricity rates. Why? Because National Grid is feeling the pinch from solar and wind projects that keep popping up in my state. They even had the temerity to ask for another double digit rate increase this year. If the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission grants this one I think all the staff and commissioners should be pilloried at a minimum.

Comment: Interesting (Score 2) 720

by kilodelta (#48544579) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?
Misdemeanors shouldn't even show up on a criminal record. Only felonies. But then you did say you're in Ohio and they have one of the more archaic legal sysems in the U.S. Time to get the hell out.

I suggest you have an NCIC check done - if nothing shows up there just move to another state that isn't as ass backward as Ohio and you'll be in the clear.

I say this because I know in most states the look mostly at NCIC but in some places the look at the state BCI. Thing is, NCIC only records felonies not misdemeanors. So it looks like those rejecting you are running state BCI checks.

Comment: My favorite one (Score 1) 545

by kilodelta (#48539253) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?
I'm an actual I.T. Pro - Linux mostly. That said when I worked for the state our benefits sort of paralleled the union employees. But when it came to overtime we didn't get that - instead we got to comp hours. When we relocated offices I ended up with 400 comp hours. And I exercised them, roughly 10.6 weeks worth. A day off here, a week off there. Took close to two and a half years to tap that out. It resulted in me not working my last month there and being paid for it so that was cool.

Comment: Re:clock speeds yes (Score 1) 197

by kilodelta (#48539205) Attached to: Orion Capsule Safely Recovered, Complete With 12-Year-Old Computer Guts
Yeah I got my smartphone about a year ago.l was sort of forced into it since my carrier made upgrades and my older Android phone wouldn't play nicely. The new phone cost me a total of $3.00 That's right, three bucks! That was the tax.

It's a dual core processor, I can hit facebook, web, Echolink, Navigation, 5MP camera, etc. It is limited to a max of a 32GB SD card though.

Comment: Re:Are they really that scared? (Score 1) 461

by kilodelta (#48532701) Attached to: Why Elon Musk's Batteries Frighten Electric Companies
Well consider all the big investment houses rate incumbent power providers as a poor prospect because of the threat of solar, wind and storage and you might know why they're scared.

And we're all pretty aware that the incumbent power companies have been screwing us for the past 50+ years. National Grid for example, got a 31% increase in electric rates last year and now they want close to another 30%. This says they're losing revenue - and if my count of wind turbines and solar installs is right I know why.

Comment: Re: Storage (Score 1) 516

by kilodelta (#48529827) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?
This isn't surprising at all. Utilities long ago split responsibility for poles fairly evenly between the incumbent telecom carrier and the incumbent power provider. So when something does wrong they just stand there pointing the finger at each other until such time the pole topples over taking all their lines out.

And let's not talk about construction and rental fees on said poles. It's what tanked a municipal wifi project.

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