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Comment Or you can (Score 1) 87

Just buy an OBD-II reader and then watch the zillion youtube mechanics explain what the codes mean and how to fix it.

The OBD-II reader can be found for about $20 on lots of sites. You don't need the Snap-On readers that cost $1,000 or more. And you definitely don't need to pay Verizon an additional $14.99 a month in addition for what you're shelling out for Verizon mobile service too.

Comment Not necessarily cashless yet (Score 1) 294

Around here it's about 95% card swipe, 5% cash only. And this is in the northeast U.S. I do know merchants all over are going to have to upgrade their card hardware to be able to accept chip and pin by 2016 though.

I wonder how that impacts things like Square reader - lots of smaller merchants use that now.
And I'm in the southeast New England.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 377

Developers are the bane of system administrators. I had one developer who hose the entire crontab not just on the box but the one in the backup too.

Then there are stupid user tricks - like jamming an RJ-45 connector into an RJ-11 jack.

But my best - I was administering a Data Genral MV9600U running AOS/VS II. They had previously been using async terminals but switched over to an IP stack and Pacer terminal on Macintoshes.

So one day I'm cleaning out the old async cabling - no need for it anymore. Suddenly I hear the system console beeping - not a good sound to hear. I come around from the back of the system to see the system losing all it's data volumes. WTH! I look at the disk array and it's powered down. Cycle the switch, nothing.

Of course my boss flies into the room, big old knot on his forehead. I trace the power cable from the disk array - it's a Hubbel connector and I guess when I was pulling one the async cables out it rotated the power plug just enough to break contact. Twisted it back in and the disks all came up. Rebooted the system and all was fine.

Comment And I'd be willing to bet (Score 2) 192

It isn't just the U.S. Navy, but the IRS and a bunch of other government offices that are still on XP for legacy reasons. Let's face it, Vista was an abortion from the get go, and Windows 8 wasn't much better. In fact every even numbered OS from Microsoft is horrid. Hence why business uses Windows 7 now.

Comment Re:I stopped using it 5 years ago (Score 1) 395

On my cell phone the only time I get voicemails is from callers that aren't in my contacts list. They get automatically dumped to voicemail and I'll listen to it at my convenience.

Android is wonderful in that respect - prior call blockers required you to whitelist individual entries. Now they blacklist everything but your contacts. Really nice.

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