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Comment Re:Company shouldn't have to pay for relocation (Score 1) 157

When I had to design a redundant power system I didn't chose diesel. We did disaster what if and determines liquid fuels like gasoline and diesel in emergencies is hard to come by.

Natural gas on the other had would take an asteroid strike to potentially wipe that out. Plus if the road were taken out the gas would likely continue to flow. So natural gas it was to a 125kW generator.

Comment Re: Apple is leaving money on the table here (Score 1) 242

I've been looking at having a car again. Looking specifically at Volkswagen Golf Tsi's and the like. You can get one for under $5K. But taxes are killed.

To register it I'd have to pay $350 in tax plus $75 for the registration. Insurance is $100 a month for 100/300 liability. And property tax on $5000 would be $300. So $350 + $1,200 + $300 and that is first year at $1,850. Gas is another one too as my commute is 100 miles a day.

Comment Re:buy apple, macs don't need service (Score 0) 193

Yeah because Macs are Intel machines these days. Only difference between them and a PC is the OS.

That being said - someone needs to start offering an inexpensive tech support solution for older folks. My problem was that my father was using Windows 7 and AOL. Thing is - I've been on Linux and OS-X for so long I've forgotten a lot about Windows.

Fortunately that problem solved itself - the old man died a year ago.

Comment But what about online purchases (Score 1) 317

Will they still be using the card number as not all devices and pc's have a smart card reader on them.

They could have solved the whole thing using two factor with magstripe, pin plus second factor - could be an RSA token, Google Authenticator, or what have you. It would make pretty much all card fraud impossible.

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