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Comment: It's been a long day (Score 1) 58

by killkillkill (#48232519) Attached to: Identity As the Great Enabler

NSTIC points out that this is a great opportunity to leverage the technology to enable a wide array of new citizen-facing...

And this week I've probably watched to many movies about our dystopian future. My brain was really expecting that to end with the name of some type of weapon.
After reading everything again I am still left with a feeling that, while much smaller, it is still a step in that direction.

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by killkillkill (#48067543) Attached to: AIDS Origin Traced To 1920s Kinshasa
So, then you know that Occam's Razor is not about finding truth, but rather making timely decisions on limited information to statistically come out ahead in the long run. If you don't need to make those decisions and have plenty of time to collect more information and discuss further Occam's Razor DOES NOT APPLY.

If you are not deciding how to act in a geopolitical event or deciding major financial positions to take, you're probably only using Occam's Razor to shut down and censor other ideas.

In the case of the nutjob that linked AIDS, the polio vaccine, and Occam's Razor-- He should be shut down and censored, but just laugh at him and call him a twit.

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by killkillkill (#47847611) Attached to: New DNA Analysis On Old Blood Pegs Aaron Kosminski As Jack the Ripper
The trouble we get in this case is the chain of custody of the evidence. The fact that it past through the hands of a man long obsessed with the case who probably a favorite suspect and theory he would like to be proven correct about. Also, with the new book he stands to profit quite a bit from this evidence being discovered. Good chance it would be thrown out in a court of law, doubt it will stand up to the other "armchair detectives" (who else really cares that much anyway) who believe it to be one of the other suspects.

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by killkillkill (#47832241) Attached to: Twitpic Shutting Down Over Trademark Dispute

It seems Twitter only wanted them to drop the application and not the name entirely.

Why do I feel like the entire business model of Twitpic was to sell out after receiving the valuable trademark? He didn't claim to get a cease and desist, barring him from using the clearly derived name for the derived service. Twitter seemed to be happy until Twitpic tried to get a legal stake in their name and asked for oppositional comment. Twitter drew a fairly generous line in the sand for a service that leaches off of theirs.

Protip: Don't become a legal threat to the only real value a company has (such as brand-it's not like the ability to post 140 characters at a time is an amazing feat) especially if your business is entirely dependent on them letting you play on their lawn.

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Beagleboard Black is my favorite.

I have a couple RPis and they are fun for out-of-the-box projects like RetroPi, but it's a BBB that I trust to run my 3.25hp router around my CNC table at 200in/min. Though, recently with the work going into MachineKit that's pretty much an out-of-the-box project too.

RPi had quite a bit of energy in the community to begin with and that momentum still persists and give a bit of an advantage to them in project development, but that will only go on so long with the arrogance displayed in that thread. Don't venture into the OSS space and start complaining about derivatives of your work. Especially when the project is mainly sponsored and developed by employees of the company that is selling the bloody chips that are nowhere near open or documented while all the function of your system is dependent on an OS you did not develop or pay for.

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If they won't mail it, assume the company tries to force every employee into a rigid structure where you will not be free to operate in the manner that best suites you. Your day-to-day work life will be subject to procedures as frustrating as the online form and endless TPS reports.

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