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Comment: Re:Really? (Score 4, Informative) 108

As an engineer, let me recommend one way of improving your speed at writing out superscripted/subscripted formulas, along with other mathematical symbols; use LibreOffice. It has a built-in equation editor that works quite well. You can just type in and it will automatically reformat. For instance, typing "H_2 O" would subscript the 2. Doing "x^2+x+1" would superscript the 2.

Comment: Re:HUD (Score 2) 375

by kidgenius (#43269947) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek To Ban Google Glass On the Road
You do realize that many states have such "distracted driving" laws, correct? And yes, it is a subjective manner, just like a lot of the enforcement of the law. If you are swerving around the road and the cop notices, it's pretty easy to see that you are driving distracted/recklessly. Who cares what the reason is? It could be because you are eating a cheeseburger, putting on make-up, talking on a phone, or getting road head from your passenger. If you can't drive without being a danger to those around you, then you need to be ticketed for it.

Comment: Re:They rejected 16% salary increase over 4 years (Score 3, Insightful) 404

by kidgenius (#41351819) Attached to: Chicago Teachers Rip 'Big Money Interest Groups'
Private schools tend to pay quite poorly in comparison to public schools. That's because most of the private schools are church-based. They charge students a tuition, but they don't make back enough in tuition to cover costs 100%. Couple that with the church not being able to kick in a ton extra, and the pay is about 50-80% of the public school rate.

Comment: Re:MGM v. Grokster (Score 1) 352

by kidgenius (#41329947) Attached to: Alibaba Says Google Threatened Acer With Banishment From Android
You keep saying this. The fact that your application is not available in the Amazon appstore is not Amazon's fault, or Google's. It's your bank. Your bank has no obligation to create an app at all. What if you bank only made an iOS banking app and not one for android at all? Is that Google's fault? Tell your bank you want their app in the Amazon store, or you will change banks.

Comment: Re:Bull Shit. (Score 1) 352

by kidgenius (#41327785) Attached to: Alibaba Says Google Threatened Acer With Banishment From Android
How about Acer go the Amazon way and talk to Amazon about shipping the Amazon Appstore on their Acer devices? If Acer doesn't like any of those options, then they have an easy solution....make their own OS. Of course, they will run into the same problem with regards to app stores, etc. Where does it say Google is required to let everyone and anyone have access to the Play store? Why is Google "EVIL" for not allowing it?

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