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+ - A full state plans to move to GNU/Linux from Windows given end of life for XP->

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An anonymous reader writes "The government of Kerala had recently issued a government order to all government departments in Kerala to explore moving to GNU/Linux given the recent end of life announcement for Windows XP. Most of the government offices in the state were using Windows XP and departments have started exploring migration to GNU/Linux. As one of the first major migrations the state legislature has migrated all its IT infrastructure to Ubuntu. The state is expecting a flurry of major migrations to GNU/Linux and possibly Ubuntu over the coming months."
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Comment: Re:Maybe they should just make them (Score 1) 221

by kicks-ass (#37269938) Attached to: One Final Manufacturing Run of Touchpads
If the actual hardware cost is less than 99$, it could have still been possible to sell it at a loss if you were selling it at 99$( cost of R&D, marketing, any other fixed costs spread over the initial run would price it somewhere a lot higher). Since all these have already been written off, and not added to the costing any more, it makes sense to make and sell touchpads as long as the marginal cost of production is less than 99$

Comment: get people to understand why (Score 1) 370

by kicks-ass (#22232984) Attached to: Best Practices For Process Documentation?
A lot of the folks who work with me were dropped overnight into projects they had no clue about, and couldnt get any either , because all the relevant info was with the people who were busy, and no one had any time to transfer the info either. Now that we've learnt the stuff, we've encouraged most of the people to share the info so that others will not have the hard time we had. We use drupal btw. More often than not, its about moving relevant stuff off people's inboxes , and into a content management system that can be acessed by all, besides , searching in drupal is way faster than a mailbox search. Of course all the wikis and CMS's would come to nothing if no one believed it. "buy - in" in management speak . you need it at all levels. and it doesnt stop at setting up a wiki, and leaving it at that. The whole thing is , at the risk of sounding cliched, a process, and some incentive for people to do this ( like karma points for adding stuff) is helpful. you need to have people contributing , and recognize and reward the effort , and make people realize the difference it makes to them. If it just makes the job of , say management or IT better, it wont help . You should be able to show that it helps the people who are contributing to it...

+ - Fish Poison Makes Hot Feel Cold and Cold feel Hot->

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SoyChemist writes "Ciguatoxin causes bizarre neurological symptoms including temperature reversal, a burning sensation, and an imaginary feeling of loose teeth. It is produced by algae and accumulates in the fatty flesh of tropical fish. While traveling to the tropics, a man from England ate some bad seafood that contained the unusual poison. His story, and the tale of some unfortunate sailors that suffered the same affliction, appeared in the current issue of Practical Neurology and was summarized on the Wired Science Blog. Both the Wired blog and the peer-reviewed journal neglected to mention that the potent neurotoxin has been made from scratch by organic chemists."
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+ - Human Therapeutic Cloning Screeches to a Halt->

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eldavojohn writes "Harvard had finally cut through all the political bullshit to start research using stem cells but after a $100k in advertising, they have not been able to entice any female egg donors. From the article, 'Eggan blames the dearth of donors on Massachusetts regulations that prohibit researchers from paying women for their eggs. The law is meant to prevent coercion of poor women who might undergo the procedure out of financial need. But women who undergo the same procedure to donate eggs for assisted reproductive technology (ART), in which infertile women use another woman's eggs to get pregnant, are paid anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. "If we feel comfortable compensating women who donate eggs for ART — and infertility is a terrible disease — why aren't we comfortable compensating women for donations that could aid other serious diseases?" Eggan asks.' It is a painful and extensive process with small risk of kidney damage, should they allow women to be compensated for that? I know my friend donates plasma on a regular basis to pay for his weekend drinking, how is this different?"
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+ - Nobel Awards Harddrive Technology->

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bhmit1 writes "The Nobel Prize in Physics this year is given for technology that makes compact harddrives possible. From the announcement: "In 1988 the Frenchman Albert Fert and the German Peter Grünberg each independently discovered a totally new physical effect — Giant Magnetoresistance or GMR. Very weak magnetic changes give rise to major differences in electrical resistance in a GMR system. A system of this kind is the perfect tool for reading data from hard disks when information registered magnetically has to be converted to electric current.""
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