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Submission + - Microsoft finally certifies an open source web app->

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has caught up with the fact that open source web-based software exists, today announcing an open source project written in PHP is the first "Certified for Windows" software that (a) follows an OSI-approved license and (b) runs via a webserver rather than operating as a native Windows executable.

The software in question is SilverStripe CMS, free software released under a BSD license, that is used to build and manage websites. Certification entails a third-party performing various tests and audits on the software and giving it the green light.

If other open source projects can follow suit, this will be another step in getting business folk to see that open source is ready for enterprise use. And heck, maybe even a .NET application could now seek to be certified!

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Google Chrome Now Has Resource-Blocking Adblock 335 335

MackieChan writes "It seems to have slipped under the radar, but Google Chrome now has resource-blocking abilities, and may have had the ability for some time. Using the 'beforeload' event on the document, an extension can now intercept resources from loading. Adblock for Chrome has already added it, and I expect the other 'ad-blocking' extensions have as well. Before you start praising Google, however, it's the WebKit team that deserves your credit; one Chromium developer responded to praise by stating '... thank Apple — they added it to WebKit, we just inherited it.' Firefox vs. Chrome just got a bit more exciting."

Comment International will still suck (Score 3, Interesting) 169 169

Yet, this corporation doesn't take into account New Zealand's main bottle-neck: the Southern Cross Cable. Only having one link to the rest of the internet, and that link is owned by a for-profit business, makes for piss-poor international bandwidth. Luckily, there are some people making some noise about laying another cable, just so there's no longer a monopoly and we might actually get some decent speeds.

Comment Re:How to annoy the ISPs (Score 1) 221 221

After all how are you to know whether a site is mearly slashdotted or being blocked?

From the FAQ:

The request is diverted to the filter server which sees that the URL is banned and an “Access is refused” page is returned. The internet address of the requesting computer is logged.


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