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Comment: Re:Yeah, probably a VGA screen (Score 1) 237

by khellendros1984 (#46775045) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago
I hate using a stylus. I don't use multitouch often, but that's not what I see as the best feature of a capacitive screen anyhow. I like that I can lightly swipe a finger across the display and achieve a gesture. You just don't get the same ease of use with resistive touch. I can imagine that the extra precision would be necessary if you're remoting in to a desktop GUI, but that's outside my normal use-case for touch devices, personally.

Comment: Re:I went to see WATCH_DOGS at PAX East (Score 1) 43

by khellendros1984 (#46762037) Attached to: Ubisoft Hands Out Nexus 7 Tablets At a Game's Press Event
One time use codes aren't uncommon. They could give out codes that are useable either as a Steam/Amazon/Play store/whatever discount code, or via a mail-in rebate type of mechanism. Either that, or post a reusable code and take the gamble that you'll pull in more customers with the lower price than you'll lose in per-purchase profit margin.

Comment: Re:changing part without changing number is common (Score 1) 236

The guy said "computer industry", but it was obvious that they were referring to undocumented changes in the hardware, and how that made trouble for people using OSes that couldn't use the manufacturer-provided drivers. It happens *all* the time in consumer-level hardware, especially when you're talking about a Chinese knock-off of something. Simple example: wifi adapters with multiple hardware revisions, all sold under the same product number.

Now, if you want to talk about the hardware engineers themselves rather than their products, then yes, the engineer building the thing has to have a fully-specified part, the behavior of which matches the datasheet and doesn't change.

You can't talk about those things interchangeably, like you were trying to. If someone's talking about a driver not working with a piece of hardware, first, they're talking about hardware. Second, they're talking about a consumer that an "invisible" hardware change impacted.

Comment: Re:Great for learning programming, too! (Score 1) 101

They wouldn't be what I'd call an "engineer", and maybe "programmer" would've been a better word than "developer". I certainly would've described myself as a programmer before I was out of high school. You're nitpicking word choice without addressing the point that I was trying to make: limitations suck, and someone using standard tools is going to be able to find more material to learn from, anyhow. If the choice is between having a bunch of Chromebooks or nothing, then that's an obvious choice. If there's another option available, then it's better to teach a student with something they'll be able to get help with on their own.

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For Chromium OS, a guy called Hexxeh had some builds, but he seemed disappointed by the performance, so the port is on an indefinite hiatus. For the Chromium browser, I saw posts that indicated that it could be built for and run on the Pi. I haven't tried it, and I didn't try to find binaries. For Chrome itself (browser and OS), Google doesn't seem to have produced appropriate binaries.

Comment: Re:Great for learning programming, too! (Score 2) 101

And then you've got a developer used to being tied into that web app for anything they want to do. "Certainly not impossible" doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. A cheap computer that's suitable for learning programming isn't a very high bar, and there are a lot of options.

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It's a multilayered thing. I'd say that the U.S. population is made up of the misfits and cast-offs from other countries, and as a result has very different cultural leanings than other countries. Those leanings are wonderful tools for the sociopaths that run our corporations. "Supporting others is welfare/socialism, and that's (dun dun DUN) Communism!". Or maybe "The government is taking away your right to free choice! Isn't that why you left [country of origin]?!"

People with power and influence play the rest of the population like fiddles. Those in power decided that (at least in the short term) government-controlled health care would be bad for profits, so they play on the unique insecurities inherent to American culture to achieve their goals.

Comment: Re:If they *do* find it... (Score 1) 44

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Just For Memory, A Mouse Jumps Jelly And Somebody Orange Never Diets.
Jelly Frogs March About My Jelly Jungle Almost Slipping Onto Neighbour's Doormat
Jammy Fingers Might Annoy My Jealous Jumping Auntie So Ought Not Dance
Jumping Frogs Might Annoy Me Just Joking About Skipping Over Napping Daddy
Jane Found Michael And Martin Juggling Jelly And Sprinkles Outside Nelly's Door

Then, of course, there are mnemonics for even shorter lists of words, used by much more educated people as learning tools.

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