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by khallow (#47781551) Attached to: The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

Union breaker

Amazing how putting this on the front of your list just discredited your entire post instantly. Public labor unions are a particularly nasty parasite. The union in question, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union got overly greedy and demonstrated an epic level of hubris.

The results were not so good. Not only did they get burned permanently (the strikers weren't only fired, but banned permanently from employment with the Federal government), but they also set back all labor unions by swinging public opinion massively against labor unions in general.

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And zero evidence of any of the prior roughly 100 billion (your estimate again, going with your thought experiment) having gotten out alive.

Well, there's not much evidence that they got out dead either. It's not like anyone's counted the bodies to make sure we got everyone.

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by khallow (#47781141) Attached to: New NRC Rule Supports Indefinite Storage of Nuclear Waste
If it's not bending metal, it's not pretty thorough. And a big problem with the study that you mention is that it is written by people with a huge conflict of interest to present solar and wind power as being sufficiently reliable that they can drive most of an electric grid without a lot of expensive infrastructure like energy storage and transmission.

I thought we would need storage temporarily.

I thought we would need storage permanently in a situation where we're relying heavily (80%) on variable sources of power.

The "smart grid" just throws the cost of energy storage and brown outs (when supply can't meet demand) onto the end user.

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Executive orders are merely relatively formal written orders from the person in charge of the executive branch, the US President. If you do away with executive orders then no one is in charge and the only meager control you have is via Congress's power of the purse.

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You are willing believe in aliens from other worlds, time travel and the idea all this can be kept hidden but a person being able to witch a well is a bridge too far?

Where's the evidence? If the Greys land in front of the White House in a flying saucer and ask to be taken to our leader, then I would allow that there's something to this UFO stuff. Who knows? You might too.

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You know I'm not speaking of UFOs in the literal definition, but of the social phenomenon. And who knows, there may actually be aliens, humans from the future, beings from alternate dimensions, or whatever. That doesn't mean much since we don't have actual evidence of these guys, but rather a huge load of hysterical tales and remarkably poor and often doctored photographic evidence.

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So what about that "gets" you? Supernatural by definition needs not be observable. What gets me are the natural conclusions supposedly justified by this supernatural being, like that God considers homosexual behavior to be a sin (not to mention the concept of sin in the first place) or that humanity can continue to multiply exponentially because God will end the game before too many people become a serious problem.

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Greed drives extra hours, plain and simple. If it was a shopkeep deciding to keep his store open to let folks buy stuff on his own time that's one thing but that's now how it is, it's some employer deciding to keep doors open all the time to get that extra X percent of revenue. The people who decide the hours don't work them.

Something has to keep those shops open to provide us with valuable services. "Out of the goodness of their hearts" doesn't work.

I make it a point not to patronize businesses open when they shouldn't be

And I make it a point of not having my code of morality decree when a shop should be open.

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