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Comment Re:Where was this class for me? (Score 1) 1021 1021

I just finished reading Ringworld last night and I wasn't very impressed. The characters seemed shallow and underdeveloped. Some of the ideas are interesting but most of the technology is completely implausible and justified with a hand-wave. From what I've read some of the problems he attempts to explain in the sequels but I don't feel encouraged to read them.

I really liked The Mote in God's Eye, so maybe I will read some CoDominium novels instead of branching into Known Space. I would be interested to hear what people like so much about Ringworld and why it won so many awards.

Comment Re:not really a ban (Score 1) 631 631

I haven't read that inflamation is part of the body's natural healing process, and I've found (yes, this is anecdotal) that an injury heals faster once I can get the swelling down. I'd have to see a study that backed you up on this, as like I said, it goes exactly contrary to my personal experience.

I don't know of any studies and it's not the mainstream medical view but I got this from an MD that specializes in connective tissue damage.

If NSAIDs are bad for your heart, then why do cardiologists prescribe low doses of aspirin for heart patients?

Because it thins the blood.

Comment Re:REI's response (Score 1) 1232 1232

just wanted to add that I've also seen elsewhere a version of this letter that also adds they didn't trespass him, which doesn't make sense given what we've been told. It seems that there may be multiple versions of this letter and they are still scrambling for a response to stop the damage that is already done

Comment REI's response (Score 5, Informative) 1232 1232

I wrote REI yesterday to express my disapproval and this is the form letter I got back last night:

(what I wrote)

I'm very disappointed with how you treat your customers and I will make
a point not to shop at your store when I need outdoor equipment. You
should respect your customers and not treat them like criminals for
taking pictures.

(what they wrote)
We are aware of the incident at our Seattle store in which an individual
was removed by Seattle Police. While it's unfortunate this occurred on
store property, the ATM machine is owned and maintained by an
independent bank vendor. We did not call the police and did not detain
the individual. We regret this situation happened, but feel our team
acted appropriately under the circumstances and are committed to
providing a welcoming and safe environment for all of our customers.

Thank you for taking time to provide us your feedback. We appreciate the
opportunity to respond. For additional information, I'd encourage you to
contact the Seattle Police Department.


Bethany Nielson
Public Affairs | Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Wireless Networking

60GHz Uber-WiFi Proposed By New WiGig Group 127 127

judgecorp writes "A new vendor group has promised a Gigabit wireless specification by the end of this year. The Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) spec is apparently 80 percent done and, since it is aimed at high-definition TV, it has to go at more than 3Gbps. There's around 7GHz of spectrum freely available in the 60GHz band, so it's technically feasible, and with all the major Wi-Fi silicon vendors on board (as well as Microsoft, Dell, Nokia and others) WiGig looks to have the political muscle too. They should be aware of the Sibeam-led WirelessHD group, though, already in the 60GHz space, and Ultrawideband (UWB) is not dead, as there are actual, real UWB products."

Work Progresses On 10,000 Year Clock 307 307

KindMind writes "CNet has pictures of a planned 10,000 year clock to be built in eastern Nevada by the Long Now Foundation. From the article: 'Running under its own power, the clock is an experiment in art, science, and engineering. The six dials on the face of this machine will represent the year, century, horizons, sun position, lunar phase, and the stars of the night sky over a 10,000-year period. Likely to span multiple generations and evolutions in culture, the thinking and design put into the monument makes it a moving sculpture as beautiful as it is complex.' This was reviewed on Slashdot in 2005. Really cool pictures, including one of a mechanical 'binary computer' that converts the pendulum into positions on the dial."

3D Web Browser Draws Lukewarm Review 218 218

GreyGoo writes "The media release claims 'Internet surfers will be able to walk through their favourite websites as if they are characters in a computer game with the launch of the world's first 3D browser in Australia today.' However a review from someone who has actually tested the software raises important questions about the worth of the product considering the competing social and 3D products, and that sites have to be hand-crafted in order to truly support the new browser." A browser tied to a social networking scheme seems like a recipe for supreme annoyance.

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