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Yeah, but..... I once had a new EVP that would never respond until a problem was widely recognized by his peers. Anything that smacked of initiative from his "underlings" was seen as threatening. As a VP with some "juice" in the executive suite, I sometime simply implemented improvements without his say so. Sometimes he would later receive cudos from the CEO or his peers for the positive impact of whatever I had done. The first couple times he fumbled his reaction and looked "out of touch" and was mighty pissed at me. But, fairly quickly, he learned it was better for his rep to accept approbations even when unsure why. We had a fairly productive couple years until the company was acquired by yet another suitor, but never really got along, probably because I used to sort of taunt him with emails captioned "Here's a solution, do you have a problem to match?".

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by keysdisease (#45634773) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Easy Wi-Fi-Enabled Tablet For My Dad?
I have given iPads to my 85+ year old in-laws with excellent results. My father in law used an iPad 2 with 3G (rural no broadband, but decent "bars") for about a year before he passed. Tried FaceTime but he was too deaf. But Email, iMessage, lots of pics of family in photos and lite web surfing worked fine. Nary and issue after setup. My mother in law is fairly adept, uses apple & her old aol email accts on mail app. Web surfing and shopping on Amazon. Lots of FaceTime with family now spread all around the world. Set up world clock so she could keep track of local time for family in Europe and Asia. Avid reader on Kindle App that I keep filled with titles she likes. Lots of family (especially great grand baby pics and videos) get emailed and she knows how to click to store in photos. She now uses Notes to type simple letters and print on wireless printer. Loaded a couple slot machine apps over Thanksgiving visit. Best thing, easy to support her. FaceTime while I walk her through resolution of issues and maybe only twice needed her to screen print and email me error screens. Anyway been doing this for a couple years and its WAY better than when used to have to to help her with her old AOL Win98 desktop POS.

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