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Comment Australian NBN (Score 1) 280

To be honest I've lost track of who said what due to our stupid revolving door leadership, but I seem to recall a little while ago that the choice was '25Mbit in 5 years' or '100Mbit in 8 years for a lot more cost'.
I was hoping for the 25Mbit choice because it would be fast enough to move the bottleneck elsewhere, but people were scathing and condescending about being so 'backwards' and 'outdated'.
Looks like I was right.

Comment Re:Change the channel, Marge (Score 2) 197

OS X doesn't suffer from the 'mobilization' of the desktop

That isn't quite true. It is suffering from 'mobilization', and also 'socialization'.
Snow Leopard (10.6) was the best release ever. Since then it has been going steadily backwards, albeit slowly.
I remember reading one of their '200 new features in the next release' that mentioned Facebook 46 times. That was when I knew it was all going to be downhill.

Apple got an early lead in the race to the bottom by taking away great things like expose, but then they seemed to falter a bit.

Linux and especially Microsoft were, as usual, late to the party, but have since caught up with Gnome 3 and Windows 8 respectively.

We'll have to wait and see who manages to get to their 'Hitler' version first.

Comment Customer vs Product (Score 1) 288

I have first hand experience with these sorts of issues. I set up a web email account for my mother and taught her how to use it. It wasn't long before icons and menus started moving around and she got confused.
Lately this particular email provider has completely changed how things worked so that even savvy users have problems with it.
However at the end of day my mother and I are not the customers, we are the product, and Marissa will of course of do what is in the best interests of the actual paying customers. It sucks, but I don't see it changing while advertising is the only workable business model of the internet (even porn is really just 'advertising of porn', which is why you get these endless pits of porn link farms (or so I've been told)).

Comment Re:It's all about the environment... (Score 1) 126

Seriously, I'm still waiting from a company that realizes having private offices plus collaborative spaces (you know, a old school office) is the best way to go.

Well I've been waiting for this since 1994, so don't hold your breath.
Fortunately for me the company I currently work for instituted a 'work from home' policy for employees who lived "a long way away". I decreed that 10kms was "a long way" and basically stopped showing up. If they ever object I will immediately quit because I can literally feel my blood pressure rising when I sit in an open plan office and have got to the point in my life where my health is more important than my career.

Fuck! Open! Plan! Offices!

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