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Comment: Re:Education funding and excessive medicallisation (Score 0) 558

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder of social development and language use. Whoever wrote the stuff above clearly had little problem with social and language use, but OBVIOUSLY had been a victim of pseudoscience propaganda. Are you serious you have a disorder such as autism? I don't honestly think so...

+ - Linux Pro Audio Getting Mainstream Attention 2

Submitted by northernalbertapolic
northernalbertapolic (2966983) writes "Studio 13.37, the ultra-low-latency super-studio, received mainstream attention this month with a mention in the professional publication "Recording" magazine. With a realtime kernel, Ardour 3, and the ability to load itself entirely into RAM (OS and all), has Linux finally eclipsed Mac in the area of pro audio work?"

Comment: Re:Bath salts (Score 1) 377

by ketamine-bp (#42034449) Attached to: John McAfee Launches Blog, Offers $25K Reward For "Real Killers"
this depends on which laboratory you are talking about. most regional toxicology laboratory are able to detect these drugs (usually by LC-MS/MS), and then chemical standards of these drugs are commercially available (despite, perhaps, the big price tag on the chemical standards which are ~1 grand a piece...)

Comment: Re:It is wonderful, but it's only in mice (Score 1) 104

by ketamine-bp (#40743843) Attached to: Nanoparticle Completely Eradicates Hepatitis C Virus
depending on where the patient live, depending on whether they got insurance, depending on their insurance coverage,
they can now choose

(1) to die now and leave a fortune to their wife, sons and daughters
(2) to die later and leave everyone broke

and that is a difficult question. when i worked back then as a junior doctor in an oncology center, they had trouble buying those "expensive" "next generation" chemotherapy which may last a few cycle (only), which was already a money hog to the family... now they have to buy it for years.

imagine the difficulty. there are still quite a number of countries where health insurance is not common and/or insurance company are not covering these type of drugs....

as for the new TKIs, i think they will only be more expensive. give it another 20-30 years, when the patents expire, then we can talk again on this...

Comment: Re:Deadlier? (Score 1) 104

by ketamine-bp (#40743769) Attached to: Nanoparticle Completely Eradicates Hepatitis C Virus
hepatitis B is now quite treatable. resistance since the introduction of entacavir and adefovir is very low. cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma is now considered preventable with these therapy. the problem is the access to medication in the far east.

the virulence of hepatitis B is quite low in terms of environmental source. it is primarily transmitted by body fluid transmission.

Comment: Re:Deadlier? (Score 5, Informative) 104

by ketamine-bp (#40735049) Attached to: Nanoparticle Completely Eradicates Hepatitis C Virus
the deal with these is that flu, pneumonia and perhaps urinary tract infection is almost always the presentation of the patient in the death episode. it's not fair comparing it to flu. Among those who died of flu, it is rather rare to find a person who enjoyed relatively good past health and is young.

Hepatitis C (and hepatitis B), on the other hand, leads to cirrhosis, hepatocellular cellular carcinoma and liver failure. It is exactly one of those diseases which will cause deterioration of the patient's health to such extent that a flu could kill.

It is rather unfair to compare Hep C to Flu in terms of mortality.

Comment: It is wonderful, but it's only in mice (Score 4, Insightful) 104

by ketamine-bp (#40735035) Attached to: Nanoparticle Completely Eradicates Hepatitis C Virus
Well, there are more than a hundred discoveries like these that demonstrated effectiveness of curing the uncurables in the past decade. Of those which went through the testing in man, well, maybe 2 or 3...

Back then, avastin, glivec and so on were expected to be magical cures for cancers.. now they exist only as expensive life-prolonging (with or without quality) therapy and only for those who are rich.

+ - Researchers built a 100 Tesla Magnet->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Researchers from Los Alamos Laboratories. they have managed to break the 100 tesla barrier, meaning that the magnet is over 2 million times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field.

Chuck Mielke, the director of the Puled field Facility at Los Alamos, said:

"The new magnet has allowed our users and staff to pin down the upper critical field of a new form of superconductor, discover two new magnetically ordered states in a material that has eluded scientists for nearly 30 years, observe magneto-quantum oscillations in a high temperature superconductor to unprecedented resolution, determine a topological state of a new material, and discover a new form of magnetic ordering in an advanced magnetic material.""

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+ - SPAM: Software testing training

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "An increasing number of people are opting for software and so a high number of companies are providing it. And at this level of creation, it is important for companies to have professionals who can test the validity of the software."
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+ - Massive Black Holes Fed On Two Accretion Disks->

Submitted by
astroengine writes "One of the most enduring mysteries hanging over astrophysics is how supermassive black holes got so big. The leading theory for black hole evolution is that they sucked in huge quantities of matter that formed an accretion disk. This disk supplied the growing black holes with mass. However, there's not enough time in the Universe for black holes to reach millions (or even billions) of times the mass of our sun. So, researchers from England and Australia have modeled a situation where a primordial black hole feeds on two accretion disks. If there's an inner and outer accretion disk skewed at an angle, as they settle and spread, they collide. The collision of matter causes a rapid slowdown, allowing the gravity of the black hole to take over, consuming up to 1,000 times more mass that it would just by feeding off one accretion disk. This may explain how supermassive black holes, that live in the centers of most galaxies, became so big so quickly shortly after the Big Bang. "We don't know exactly how gas flows inside galaxies in the early universe," said Andrew King of the University of Leicester, "but I think it is very promising that if the flows are chaotic it is very easy for the black hole to feed.""
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+ - Heat-assisted magnetic recording promises 60-terabyte hard disks->

Submitted by shreshtha
shreshtha (1609099) writes "Magnetic hard disks will soon be able to store one terabit (a trillion bits) per square inch. Seagate has demonstrated that landmark storage density using a new magnetic recording method that can cram 10 terabits, and perhaps even more, onto every inch of a standard 3.5-inch disk. Disks made with current technology can hold about 3 terabytes.

The technology, called heat-assisted magnetic recording, involves heating the magnetic regions on a disk that hold individual data bits, allowing those regions to be made tinier. Seagate says the method promises to keep increasing storage density, and it could lead to 60-terabyte hard drives."

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Comment: that happens on all sort of examination (Score 3, Informative) 238

by ketamine-bp (#38923067) Attached to: Doctors 'Cheating' On Board Certifications
not just medical examination. it is just a co-incidence that the medical profession is one that is tangled with most examinations. speaking of examinations, though, the most important examination for us medical doctors are usually conducted in the oral style (viva examination) which allowed impromptu questions set immediately, testing the doctor on how they would handle a patient step-by-step. i'm not sure about the american system but that's true for most british systems.

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