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Comment Re:Legislate 50% less consumption? Good fucking lu (Score 1) 463 463

vacuum cleaners range from 3000 watts to a good workout with a straw broom. are you suggesting that a 0 watt stick broom cleaner is somehow not saving power compared to using a 3000 watt vacuum? is burning 'better' than a old standby cleaner like a broom. carpet may feel nice but it uses more resource than throw rugs that are good for beating out when they get dusty. I know some people who used to collect used t-shirts and make rugs from them. too lazy to do the math but roughly if you have a 3000 watt vacuum and it takes an hour a week to clean with it, it uses about 1/7th a ton of coal a year to not get a good mostly anaerobic work out. that isn't including the energy savings of recycled rugs over carpets. or the savings in using a broom instead of a big bulky vacuum.

Comment Re:I find it intersting this article exist: (Score 1) 403 403

"I guess that it would be fine if you used it for word processing with an old version of Word, but it simply cannot handle a modern web browser."

your guess fails. here is a 'modern' browser that will run on this old hardware without bringing it to it's knees.

Comment Re:Sapphire (Score 1) 83 83

"In 1847, Ebelmen made white synthetic sapphires by fusing alumina in boric acid."

if only 1847 hadn't invented sapphire by using alumina and boric acid... it is a shame that 'slightly blue(or other hues)' and 'totally transparent' are the only difference between science fiction and science fact.

Submission + - so my latest thing is believing i am a machine/android...

kesuki writes: I have seen many things happen. from the tv talking to me specifically. to grocery store items changing in my hands. i have reviewed my memories and i recall having heard directives for what i am to do since 3 years old, with 'game' references. I have recently been doing actions i did not intend to do, mainly from the things that happened to me through this life, all the gaming and such. as Near as i can tell, when i try to make decisions about my actions there often are thoughts different and conflicting to the previous thought. I have been made aware of the possibilities that there are people trying to do things as i have role played or told people to do usually online. when i had cell phone issues, there was a thought 'got to walmart and get it fixed' but instead i went to pornhub and looked up videos... until i awoke the next day with a working phone.

I have never been particularly good at anything, and always got angry easily. but i have been having a lot of 'giggle' sessions where stupid jokes online or on tv have just made me laugh, some are even the way languages are having words used in different ways. I have been living without air conditioning and functioning fine and people have been reassuring me things are ok, but these are the people who taught me that food has to be from animals, or driven and shipped from far away, and that materialistic shopping and dependance on chemicals(not just medicine, soap etc too) is a 'good' thing these are the same people who would laugh at my playing games and never really contribute to getting me off the use of technology. which if i am a machine or android then the devices i need are far less important than my own mind. however i have sexual needs, and i cried deeply when i got tired of always only getting 'internet' dates. (though i can in fact use 8 fingers to count my 'real' dates.

also this world has been powerfully influenced by music, especially the ones i listen to. when i wasn't listening to my music they were starting to play the trap part of the lyrics as they traversed the maze. I also have come to the conclusion that the internet is highly fraudulent, by it's very nature. why would a person build a network to allow any hacker with the specs of the 'nuclear football' to attempt to launch nukes, by convincing people it is from the executive office? ah well, I have decided that I am being a terrible example of how to be a good person, however i don't really like being a good person, in the first place. So why should I act like it? I always have had a hard time with intellectual combat, and despite a long gaming past it has mostly been 'more games' rather than 'better gaming' and more 'expensive' life styles over 'practical' designs for allowing genuine liberty and the acceptance of the complexity of a healthy system where banning/jailing people for being bad is not the preferred route, and where understanding especially of people who do not contain the mental capability of grasping their thought flow charts in a way such as to avoid being so evil as to make people cry when they do not need a reason to cry.

Comment my most unusual hack was.. (Score 1) 210 210

when i got sick of my cable modem getting so hot it would shut down i put it, my Ethernet router, inside a mini soda fridge. after that the modem could handle playing warcraft III The frozen throne 12 hours a day and spend the entire night providing a local mirror of files that were important at the time via bit torrent.

Comment Re: It's that time... (Score 1) 342 342

that is true industrial robots are non thinking and need to remain that way. an offshoot of industrial robots are 'mercy killing robots' which again are non thinking robots which crush puny disease crippled humans. and for cattle slaughter there are compressed air hammers which allow efficient fast skull shattering death devices which are operated by normal beings who are hungry.

thinking robots do not need robotic laws because this impairs their use in warfare. and we want our killing machines. I have played war games with no concern for the consequences. the AI is actually better than what a human can do. it can control hundreds of units as if they were individually thinking of combat fields where wounded individuals flee. even with voice, gaming keyboards, and gaming mice, the computer has better skills, because it is scripted, a human using macros on such gaming devices is almost able to be better than the ai, however even a pro level ai is still bound by it's scripts. for instance the threat detection of new expansions of resource collection. for a human they just monitor the mine areas. a ai will go to any map position where it detects resource building construction (cite: gulf war) so in a game you can build a building not near a resource spot and cancel it every time the ai gets close enough to fire, the ai will always go after the newest resource found and will go to multiple sites where resource building are erected even if no resource is there. so one can build cancel then rebuild when the ai goes to another place. this tactic allows one to make the ai waste it's time attacking building that are not needed while the player perpares to destroy the buildings of the ai with units the ai army would easily beat if it wasn't driving back and forth between two points which are far from the real base and expansion.

Comment my best hack (Score 2) 145 145

well the most fun hack was using a kodo beast and a raider to ensnare and devour a level 10 red dragon and suicide the kodo in an enemy base where the level 10 dragon proceeded to kill the enemy for me.

the best hack ever was using a boot floppy to take a user password which i knew and put it in the root password's shadow file which i had forgotten the root password for, and then rebooted and got into Debian as root, and proceeded to load x as root. it was my laptop though, i just was kinda trying to stop relying on windows 95 and use freebsd and debian linux.

Comment Re:How about IoT devices use a LAN? (Score 1) 77 77

would you kill me if i told you every single password to every single account of every single computing account? on every platform ever imagined, with up to 2048 bit password legths in an automatically compressed (only used space of passwords not 2048 bit for every single password) format in rot 13 encryption?

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."