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by kesuki (#47956997) Attached to: Emails Cast Unflattering Light On Internal Politics of Rollout

the real reason republicans hate obama care is simple. it eliminates two very important metrics for keeping people poor.

first off it means buisnesses can't 'manipulate' cash strapped people to make artificial job growth or contraction simply by hiring more or less people for the same total work hours. this no longer works when you are required to provide heathcare then they have no choice but to give people the hours wages needed to live a good life, instead of making them work to boost or contract the economy.

prior to obama care the working poor had only quacks peddling fake insurance houses constantly shifting locations and doing many unscrupulus methods to keep the poor from being able to pay for care via insurance. if you were poor enough you could hit the jackpot of qualifying for medicare, for the rest it means payday loans to buy meds and such, and the unscrupulis con artists insurance is slowly beginning to fade away, because of the new law.

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by kesuki (#47955883) Attached to: U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

once released under public domain some hacker somewhere builds a website shows tons of content under public domain, links to youtube then claims ownership and DMCA takedowns original content and runs with as much cash as they can turn over from people who paid for access to what content they provided.

it's happened before... to and he didn't even release as public domain.

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the best way to do this is to make a basic user account for normal mode, and an administrator account for accessing everything. all the settings for WM can be made so that admin can see everything wile basic user sees only a custom menubar and desktop and can't actually do anything. if their desktop icons are made immutable they won't be able to remove them, and if you find cheap hardware to run it all on they won't be a target anymore except to spammers/con artists.

is a $100 device you could work with and just tell them it's their new pc. since it has a serial port many hardware modems will work, and need no drivers, usb modems may or may not work i don't know...

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by kesuki (#47933165) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

i don't know where to go with Linux recommendations but pppd on freebsd will allow dialup on demand, but if you don't want that a manual link can be put on the desktop. chflags run as root (chattr if you don't like bsd and insist on linux) can make files immutable then not even root can delete, or move without running the chflags program first. if you want parts of the os to be protected feel free to make immutable files anywhere you feel like it to 'harden' the system the freebsd handbook has a walkthrough on compiling the kernel which is highly recommended for removing features and making the system harder to hack. disable or remove everything you or they don't need to further harden the system, and use a customizable WM and edit it so that only the functions you or they need are present i don't know what the people use these days, though.
freebsd is easily configured to run on slow computers. keep in mind software modems may be a real pain to configure and there are usb modems that might work good, further research is required. i don't know what hardware you're running for them, but if you've got them on an arm board there are way more people working on linux based ARM support while FreeBSD warns they aren't end user ready... however a basic browser and email virtually anything x86 is usable for a modern browser which may not work right on dialup requires at least 256MB of ram with 1GB or better recommended by me.

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by kesuki (#47914093) Attached to: A 16-Year-Old Builds a Device To Convert Breath Into Speech

the fancy ones are $8,000 instead of $80 is because IP laws protect monopolies. in an open ecosystem where everything is free as in libre, any person designing medical devices could interoperate with everyone else designing medical devices. ever call to every piece of hardware would be workable by anyone who wanted to. every program even one privately funded, would then be opened to the community so their competitors could learn what you did and how and be able to build on what you did.

and if that smells like lost profit to you, maybe it is, but it's better for everyone. there is no vendor lock in forcing you to use inferior or vulnerable platforms. there is no 'upgrade cycle' that hardware vendors crave, the free market is always releasing inferior hardware to generate new upgrade cycles.

the government is supposed to be fixing things which corporations do wrong and they just don't care it seems. planned obsolescence.... do i need to rant more here?

if you think of sick people only in dollars and cents then you are in need of some morality. if you think we need to reinvent every medical tool every 20-30 years to 'fund' the proprietary developers of hardware and software then think of all the things that could have been done with those people not doing BS work, in a civilization where people are more than the dollars they have in their wallets.

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> "The world economy and middle-class lifestyle are built on theft, slavery, extortion and murder."

They have those things in many countries, yet they remain shitholes compared to America. There's more to the success of America than just criminality.

Putting forth such a blanket statement only makes you look absurd.

lets look here, cnn the ptb lap dog they are have a 'salary' calculator that caps at $400,000 a year. yet america has 1565 billionaires according to so to correct you, the blanket statement that the middle class lifestyle is unsustainable or the cause of the problem is absurd. clearly a system that supports 1,500 billionaires yet no one can apparently get a salary over $400,000 is definitely a gamed system. it is the top 1% who are the problem and the middle class only supports a dream of the poor to not be poor, while doing so for little rewards while whole nations are bankrupted so an investment banker can get 50% growth of income for billionaires, and the 304,118 millionaires can keep growing their wealth
one in one hundred people are millionaires. and the civilization that caused this is not going to sustain it forever. if the romans couldn't do it we sure as hell can't.

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"Heads of finance are just giving the market what it wants, and their riches and status indicate how good they are at doing it. They're successful, not sick."

until the peasants start revolting the rich can do almost anything. the exception is access to heaven.

"They wouldn't be so successful if you the People (not you specifically, but as a whole) didn't create the demand, either directly or indirectly through the government you were supposed to keep in check."

the government hasn't created the mass of happy peasants that was corporation which took away the governments ability to keep in check the power of the rich, in the name of the peasants they serve.

"The leaders are just doing their jobs. It's the people who are sick."

no one is sick. you just haven't gotten it yet. the human consciousness is the parallel of many nodes. each node knows only what its node is working on. there is nothing not even light that can travel across the entire brain and provide every node with the same data. the visual cortex is exceptionally good at throwing away visual data and piping to other nodes the compressed lossy perhaps fractal data to nodes specializing in data storage. there are many nodes each about the size of a usa penny generally in a tube shaped form. each node can do its unique job and its frankly amazing how many nodes the human brain has. why do i bring this up? because your brain invents the reality you believe in for you and not even logic can fix that. it has nodes invented to do this. there are chemicals that impact your mind, including the six nodes that the sugar and cocaine target, that keeps the data flowing between nodes. as they do their respective jobs. and create the consciousness matrix that makes up your highly parallel mind that has been programed by most schools to be highly serial. even games are highly serial. i learned how to play with the best but it was a path of diminishing returns my other nodes either craved the data or rejected it. the ones that craved it got tired easily the ones that rejected it stopped trusting the rest of the nodes. there is no dd for the brain but the cycle i was in was as close to it as is possible. making every day the same at blinding speed while parts of my brain became exhausted and other dark. the true sickness is that there is none. we are all healthy and the chemicals just make one side win or the other in the terms of how the brain works. and depending on who you are and who your doctor is will determine if they try to slow down your nodes or speed them up. the rest is a moot point it is not a sickness but rather two roads to early failure of nodes or to lazy nodes doing little real work and staying dark.

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and yet a $100 wifi dual band router is capable of transferring files wirelessly 8 bands of 40mhz that carries 1300Mbit/s of data and there is enough bands for a whole apartment building to each have a wifi router in every apartment.
Main article: IEEE 802.11ac

IEEE 802.11ac-2013 is an amendment to IEEE 802.11, published in December 2013, that builds on 802.11n.[18] Changes compared to 802.11n include wider channels (80 or 160 MHz versus 40 MHz) in the 5 GHz band, more spatial streams (up to eight versus four), higher order modulation (up to 256-QAM vs. 64-QAM), and the addition of Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO). As of October 2013, high-end implementations support 80 MHz channels, three spatial streams, and 256-QAM, yielding a data rate of up to 433.3 Mbit/s per spatial stream, 1300 Mbit/s total, in 80 MHz channels in the 5 GHz band.[19] Vendors have announced plans to release so-called "Wave 2" devices with support for 160 MHz channels, four spatial streams, and MU-MIMO in 2014 and 2015.[20][21][22]

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"wifi is the easist way to get gcode files from the main PC to the garage PC."

challenge accepted.

wifi doesn't do 1gbps. and powerline uses existing copper infrastructure to send signals to anything with an ethernet port. wifi support is wonky at best, especially if you buy the cheap hardware. maybe they work on windows but still drops many packets. linux you almost have to cherrypick your wifi adapters. and all the best powerline adapters send data encrypted... while wireless encryption cripples your speed unless you shell out for a 5ghz wifi setup which then may or may not work with linux.

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by kesuki (#47735187) Attached to: Why Ferguson Is Just the Beginning of Future America

we are the giant robotic overlords. why do you think our baby memories are so rare and fade so fast? because from nanolathing in the womb the networking of the mind is started by the mother, and we go from instant nerve based signals to no signal at all when the cord is cut. then we crash and learn how to wirelessly communicate, and at first there is no questioning of any adult action as the nural matrix is still growing, because mothers are so burdened with the duties they perform as mothers, rather than a perfect bit for bit copy which wouldn't work anyways our massively parallel brains generate and discard data to make room for new programming. besides most mothers want to enjoy their childrens lives, and the best extension of that is not by a bit for bit copy so much as a slow interface such as sensory organs, to gradually run across the reality engine of the mind. i have made my own mind crash, i experienced it first hand at an adult mind, where i could attempt to record the thoughts.

i even had extra pyramidal symptoms, and the messages were fast and i didn't have internet access from a device so i was stuck using the fast connection where realities floated across my mind and everything people were trying to tell me was being directly drawn to my nural network. they really really tried to get the extrapyramidal symptoms into my head but i was so busy doing things it had not been digested information.

on a routine basis i see people doing things that they could only know about from supposedly secure sources. i write things sometimes that cause the whole of my reality tremble, and if i need something reality soon finds a way for me to get it. if i want a thing it is a bit harder than if i don't 'need' it usually i have to do things my family wants because they know me better, and are more likely to help me if i help them some way.

don't you remember the time i got the superbowl up to halftime charted out a week before the big game and was rather vague about the end of the game? how did that data 'happen' to fit in my mind? why do people tell me not to talk about the internet to their children as they are not ready for their kids to know what an internet is.

why do i know that a non monolithic designed cpu on silicon is a mere 40ghz while companies sell between 1.2ghz and 5.0ghz (with water cooling) hmm i don't read the articles myself...

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